What are the different types of sewing machines?

There are four different types of sewing machines. They include mechanical, electronic, computerized, and manual sewing machines. The type you choose depends on the features you want and the sewing project you are working on.

The 3 sewing machines I can think of that are readily available on the retail market are: basic sewing machines, Serger machines, and embroidery machines.

Brands of Household Sewing Machines:
Bernina Sewing Machines
Brother Sewing Machines
Singer Sewing Machines
Historical chronology for sewing machine features:
  • Manual with foot pedal, not run on electricity but from using your foot on a metal grate; bobbin and spool were both outside the machine
  • very basic electrical sewing machine, with electrical foot pedal - these continued to evolve; most had very few features, just forward and reverse stitching; bobbin moved to inside the machin
  • addition of different types of sewing "feet" to allow zig-zag stitching, hemming, work on sleeves, narrow pant legs, etc.
  • addition of more knobs that permitted different types and lengths of stitches
  • very fancy computerized machines for embroidery and quilting stitching through batting (but quilt tops could be made on the most basic of machines)

I still have a Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine, a popular and top of the line basic machine sold in the early 1970s.