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2.5 x 3.5 in (6.35 x 9 cm)

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Why do bicycle joker cards have the address 808 on them?

That is the playing card model the are. The decks with the Cupid like guy on the bicycle is a bicycle 808 deck.

What companies make playing cards?

Bicycle is one vary popular playing card company.

Are all bicycle playing card the same size?

no there is jumbo sizes also

What is the best playing card deck?

bicycle decks are the the bast. they have air cushion finish

What are the dimensions of a bicycle?

Measurements for the average bicycle are 1800 mm long with handlebars 650mm wide.

What are the dimensions of a credit card?

The dimensions of a credit card are 86 millimeters by 54 millimeters.

What are the best business card dimensions?

There are several business card dimensions. The standard dimensions are 3.5 by 2 inches. A person can make a business card stand out more by making the business card slightly larger or smaller, which makes the card different from standard cards.

What are torpedo playing cards?

"Torpedo" is a brand of playing cards manufactured by the United States Playing Card (USPC) Company of Cincinnati, OH. USPC makes three brands of high end playing cards for the gaming industry. They are BEE, BICYCLE, and TORPEDO. Torpedo is a lessor known brand of the three. All three have their own special attributes. Torpedo cards are made with less of a lacquer finish than Bee and bicycle which makes them the playing card of choice in very dry climates. Bicycle has an ornate back of a figure riding a bicycle which unfortunately makes these cards easier to mark. BEE has a heavy lacquer finish which makes them the choice of professionals.

Where do you put the clothespin on bicycle with card to make bicycle sound like a motor?

Usually on one of the struts going to the fenders. If your bike haven't got fenders you'll have to find a wider-opening clamp that can hold the playing card on to either chain stay, seat stay or the fork.

Where can you buy bicycle playing card in the Philippines?

casual gambler: any national bookstore branch has a bicycle deck Magician: if you're a magician you can go look at SM mall of Asia its a shop called cutting edge.

Where can you buy Bicycle Card Decks in Canada?

the pharmacy

What are the dimensions of a bicycle wheel?

Can't be answered, bike wheels come in many different sizes.

Inbounds meaning in basketball?

Inbounds means within the dimensions of the playing court. Out of bounds means outside the dimensions of the playing court.

Where can you get bicycle playing cards in Singapore?

Singapore's Online Magic Shop. You can find Bicycle Decks and other exquisite Playing Cards and Magic related items.

Where can one find bicycle playing cards?

Bicycle playing cards can be found for purchase in a number of places. They are available directly through the Bicycle website, as well as on Amazon. They can also be found in stores, such as dollar stores or Walmart.

Can you get bicycle playing cards in Australia?

In some parts.

What are dimensions of a business card?

Standard business card size is 2x3.5 inches - U.S. Standard.

Where can you get bicycle playing cards from a store in Perth Australia?

You can purchase bicycle playing cards and other types of good quality playing cards at "gamesworld" stores, the best i have seen is at Whitford city, they have a good range.

What is the best kind of cards for card throwing?

bicycle cards used by most professionals in the card industry reccomended

How long is a playing card?

A playing card is about 3.5 inches in length. The width of the card is 2.5 inches. A standard playing card deck has 52 cards.

Where can I buy the Magic Card the Bicycle Decks in Jeddah Saudi Arabia?


What website do you go to to submit card designs for bicycle brand cards?

Where can you buy Bicycle Playing cards in Mumbai India?

i am selling red and blue standard bicycle decks call me in mumbai at 9892727373

What is a word for a playing card that starts with an a?

Ace is a playing card. It begins with the letter a.

Where can one read about business card dimensions and varieties?

There are many business card companies that can educate you on standard dimensions and the different formats of business cards available today. They can also inform you of the best possible way to make a business card amazing.

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