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What are the disadvantages of a strike?

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teachers who go on strike have a high chance to lose their job.

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Disadvantages of electricity?

it can shock you, when a strike happens

What are the advantages and disadvantages of strike?

Strike is most useful to protest our idea to govt, what ever you want by govt you could achieve by doing the strike.

Disadvantages of electronic data processing?

The disadvantages of electronic data processing is that you may lose your data when the hackers or the computer viruses strike.

What is a strike out in bowling?

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What are advantage and disadvantage for playing counter strike?

Advantages:-Removes boredom.-Fun to play with friends.-etcDisadvantages (same with most video games):-Can get addicting.-etc

What are the disadvantages to employers when employees strike?

some disadvantages to the employer is they might have had a good picture of the people that they were nice and kind at heart so they hired them but when the emplee stricks at them it makes them have a bad image of the employee but the employer cant do anything to take that back he just has to lay them off

Why did the plebeians strike?

They went on strike for their civil rights.They went on strike for their civil rights.They went on strike for their civil rights.They went on strike for their civil rights.They went on strike for their civil rights.They went on strike for their civil rights.They went on strike for their civil rights.They went on strike for their civil rights.They went on strike for their civil rights.

How can counter strike be very popular?

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Advantages and disadvantages of strike action?

The advantage of strike action is that the people who are in charge of the company or organization will realize that people are venting out for a good reason and that change must come. One disadvantage however is that the change may not be readily applicable so a company may chose to replace the striking people.

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There is nothing called a strike out in hockey. Batters strike out in baseball.

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a fault and its name is strike slip

Who says strike 1 strike 2 strike 3 in Baseball?


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Strike Silent goes by Silent Strike.

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What is the opposite of strike?

strike oppesit

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the strike did nothingg

What is a business strike?

A business strike is when the employees of a business strike to get something done in their favor. Oftentimes, employees strike when they want a raise.

Why is a strike on the left side of the head pin called a Brooklyn Strike?

A Brooklyn strike

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