What are the disadvantages of being an identical twin?

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There are quite a few disadvantages. For example people might think you are the same person as your twin and get mixed up. Also people might expect you to act the same as your twin, or / and wear the same clothes. Also people might stare at you in the street if you are with your twin.
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Do identical twins have the same DNA?

Nope.. Research has shown that DNA in twins is different, especially in copy number varitations, which refers to when a gene exists in multiple copies, or a set of letters in the DNA is actually missing. These variations are suspected to lead to increased defense against some infections, or vulnera ( Full Answer )

How do you get identical twins?

Luck. There is no way of making someone have identical twins. There are two primary types of twins, Identical and Fraternal. Identical twins occur when the egg splits after fertilization. To date no indication of a genetic link has been found. Anyone has a chance, though small, of having ident ( Full Answer )

Why do identical twins look different?

http://creationontheweb.com/content/view/5573 check this website out, and read the article Because they might be enviromentally varieted . So they might have been born identical, but as they grow up they have different diets, take different amounts of exersize, and live in different environment ( Full Answer )

Can identical twins have one being colorblind but the other do not?

Yep. It can only happen in girls, though - and it's very rare. See: http://m.theglobeandmail.com/life/parenting/why-identical-twins-can-look-different/article4186733/?service=mobile and http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/twofold/200902/why-some-identical-female-twins-are-different

How do you know if you are having identical twins?

you wont know until the very end what you actually have the babies Answer: Your Sonographer will be able to tell you. I think it is based on how many sacs/ placenta's there are. If there are two they are not identical because they are from two separate eggs.

How are identical twins produced?

Non identical twins are produced when the mothers egg and fathers sperm join together to fertilise as usual to form a zygote but the zygote soon starts to divide into two separate cells but the cells both carry the same genes.

Do identical twins have identical fingerprints?

Identical twins do not have identical fingerprints.. Identical twins (also known as monozygotic twins) are formed when a single fertilised egg splits in two after conception. As they are from a single zygote, the two individuals share the same genetic makeup, meaning that their DNA is practically ( Full Answer )

Do identical twins have identical brains?

No they do not. Identical twins have identical DNA structure, and therefore they have very similar cell structure, leading them to have vastly similar organs (same size, health issues, etc.). However, everyone, even identical twins, do not share the exact same organs. Some identical twins get migrai ( Full Answer )

Why are identical twins not identical to their parents?

Children are the results of a mix of their parent's DNA. They do not have the exact same DNA, they have half their mother's and half their father's. Character and personality play a major part in allowing anyone to identify a person - particularly parents, who spend a lot of time with, and have ( Full Answer )

How identical and non-identical twins are formed?

Identical Twins Sometimes, after fertilisation, the fertilised ovum splits and divides into two balls of cells. Twins formed in this way are identical. They develop from the same ovum. Non-identical Twins Sometimes a woman's ovaries release two or more ova at the same time. If they all be ( Full Answer )

What makes identical twins identical?

Identical twins are identical because they both came from the same egg. The term "Identical" is used as they look very much like each other and anybody can say that they are twins by just looking at them.

Can identical twins give birth to twins?

Sure, but they don't have to. The probability of twin births are somewhat related to ethnicity, but is heavily influenced by random factors.

Are the Twins Towers fraternal or identical twins?

HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!! They were identical can't you tell? They looked exactly the same!\n. \n---\nThey also looked the same when they collapsed. But the building plans show that they had the same type of material while being made. The North Tower had a TV antenna, so just think of it as a new hair sty ( Full Answer )

Would the Roloff twins be identical twins?

No, the Roloff twins (Jeremy and Zachary) are not identical. As the Roloff's point out, Jeremy is average height, and Zach is a little person.

How are identical and non-identical twins formed?

There are two two kinds of twins. Gametic twins - two sperms fuse with two eggs to form gametic twins. In the case of gametic twins, the twins are not identical and infact there is a chance for one male and another female. Zygotic twins - zygote forms after fertilisation (Fusion of sperm and egg ( Full Answer )

Why are there identical twins?

Identical twins are formed when an egg fertilised by a sperm splits in half to form two different embryos.

Why are twins identical?

Monozygotic (Identical or Maternal) twins are identical because they came from the same egg and were split after conception but before fetal development. Identical twins have nearly identical DNA, however, environmental factors may switch genes on and off, differences are more pronounced as the twin ( Full Answer )

How are identical and non-identical twins produced?

When an egg is fertilized by a sperm, it becomes a zygote. That zygote goes through cell division to become an embryo. Sometimes, the zygote splits and becomes two separate organisms - they will be identical twins. If the zygote splits and separates multiple times, you can get triplets or even quad ( Full Answer )

Are the Olsen twins identical twins?

No, they are ferternal. They have different colored eyes and one used to be shorter then the other. If you get any of their old movies you can tell. Mary-Kate usually has shorter hair then ashley, but that doesn't make them ferternal.

Why do identical twins have identical genes?

To be strict, if you look real close, they haven't. But their genes are very, very similar. And the why is because identical twins start out as one fertilized egg that splits and produce two babies. One fertilized egg, one set of genes. Identical twins have the same DNA because they were ( Full Answer )

How are identical twins genetically from fraternal twins?

Identical twins are genetically the same, because they come from the same fertilized egg/sperm cell zygote, which happens to split into two viable zygotes. Fraternal twins, however, come from two different egg/sperm cell zygotes, that are concurrently fertilized and remain viable.

Are identical twins identical?

Identical twins can be identical, but not all the time. Sometimes one may have a pointy ear ect. But they are still identical twins. Identical twins can supposidly feel what they're twin is feeling, like, if one twin were to be in panic, the other one may feel it too. Identical twins are also known ( Full Answer )

Why are identical twins different from non-identical twins?

Identical twins are formed by the separation of the same embryo containing same genetic coding. thus the the twins are identical as formed from the same embryo. But this is not the case in the non-identical twins as they are formed from the individual embro each having different genetic coding.

What is the DNA in identical twins?

Identical twins only have nearly identical DNA as environmentalfactors can switch genes on and off. These differences become morepronounced as the twins age. Sources: Segal, Nancy L. (1999). Entwined lives: twins and what they tellus about human behavior . New York: Dutton. ISBN 0-525-94465-6. Plo ( Full Answer )

What are identical and fraternal twins?

Whenever two babies are born at the same time, they are considered to be twins. If the two babies resulted from a single zygote that became two genetically identical fetuses, the result is identical twins (who will be very similar in appearance and who will always be of the same gender). If, however ( Full Answer )

Are paternal twins identical?

I dont think there is such a thing as paternal twins...perhaps you are thinking of fraternal twins. In that case, they are not identical twins, they do not look the same and they can be different sexes.

What is the role of identical twin studies?

One aim is to provide more information on the "Nature/Nurture" debate: how much of a person's character is genetically pre-determined (nature) and how much is influenced by the way in which they are brought up (nurture).

Do identical twins have same IQ?

No, even though twins do have identical DNA, they can have far different environments and life experiences. So, two identical twins though genetically the same could be very dissimilar in intelligence.

Are identical twins destined to have identical attitudes?

No. I have to really good friends that are identical twins. One is the "good, straight A student" and the other is the "bad, get into trouble" character, but they do have a lot of similarities; they are both athletic and they have the same sense of humor. So, not IDENTICAL attitudes, but similar.

How common is it to have identical twins?

Well, as an identical twin myself, I believe there is a one out of twelve chance of having identical twins, although, I'm not 100% sure....

How do you ask a girl out who has an identical twin without the relationship being a little strange?

Walk up to her and be like 'Hey ________!' (insert name in blank) and if she's like, 'uh that's my sister' then you know you are asking the wrong girl. And to keep it from being a little strange talk to her (if you guys are friends this should be pretty easy) and ask her what little quirks her an ( Full Answer )

Are twins are identical or non identical?

Some twins are identical twins, other are not identical twins. Identical twins develop from a single fertilized egg that subsequently splits into two zygotes. Non-identical twins, also called fraternal twins, develop from two different fertilized eggs.

How are conjoined twins different from identical twins?

Conjoined twins are identical but attached to each other and may share organs depending where they are attached to the others body. Conjoined twins are attached because the egg cells have not separated properly in the mothers womb.

How do you get identical twins and fraternal twins?

Identical twins are two children born of one egg and one sperm, that splits early on and then separates, each half then developing into a full organism. Since they came from only one egg and one sperm, their genes will be identical. Fraternal twins are two children born of two eggs and two sperms ( Full Answer )

Can a boy twin and a girl twin be identical?

No. Boys and girls are different, so they cannot be "identical" twins. At the cellular level, a female has two "X" chromosomes, while a male has one "X" and one "Y" chromosome.

Why are the twins identical?

Twins are not necessarily identical. They can be fraternal as well. Identical twins result when one fertilized egg splits in two. Fraternal twins result from two fertilized eggs.