What are the disadvantages of fashion?


  1. Physical: Fashion models tend to be skinny to the extent that it is extremely unhealthy. Children are influenced from these images.
  2. Emotional Bullying: Among girls and young women, ridiculing each other's outfits and appearances can be a form of bullying. Older children can feel pressured to grow up too fast. 10-year-old girls may want to shave their legs or wear bras. People may feel uncomfortable physically because of peer pressure not to wear a "dorky" coat or to wear uncomfortable shoes.
  3. Criminal: Crimes often occur when the "have nots" see the "haves" with new shoes, new purses, etc. Coveting fashions can lead to crimes, both retail theft and personal assaults.
  4. Financial 1: Not all families can afford to buy new fashions. This adds to emotional bullying.
  5. Financial 2: Fashion can consume money and resources that could be put to uses that help society more.
  6. Financial 3: The appearances of the homeless can keep people from offering them jobs.
  7. Financial 4: What is "fashionable" comes and goes. The rate of change outweighs any cost to benefit ratio.
  8. Ethics and Unseen societal problems worldwide: People may support stores that use sweatshop labor because their priority is finding clothes that are "cute & cheap" or they think that the clothes from fair-trade stores are "hippie clothes." This is not true. Macy's and H&M have pretty good (although not perfect) track records as to how they treat workers.
  9. Waste: The US wastes more clothing than probably any other country.