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One drawback for genetic engineering is the fact that scientist don't know the long term consequences. Another disadvantage is the fact that some scientists could use the technology to create incurable diseases.

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What are the disadvantages of working as an electrical engineering?

No disadvantages.

What do euthanasia organ transplants and gentic engineering have in common?

They all make the general public feel uncomfortable, yet opinionated?

Disadvantages of genetic engineering?

Tuiteman says that some disadvantages are opinional.

Disadvantages of value engineering?


What are Disadvantages of industrial engineering?

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What are the disadvantages of architectural engineering?

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What must researchers know before they begin the process of gentic engineering?

you need to know which restriction enzyme to use. also, who is the doner and the plasmid.

How is bacteria used in gentic engineering?

They are used to make insulin. because the bacteria can replicate genes so quickly they can make lots of it in a sort time.

What are disadvantages of mechanical engineering?

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What are the disadvantages of technology in structural engineering?

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How does breeding differ from gentic engineering?

Breeding is more natural that Genetic engineering. Breeding is simply that you take sperm from the male animal of that species and inserted into the female either naturally or by artificial insemination. Genetic Engineering is when add genes from different things into that animal. This is usually done in a lab.

What are the disadvantages of genetic engineering?

genetic engineering can stop the growth of DNA which is needed to produce more genes to pass on to offspring.

What are the disadvantages of civil engineering?

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What are the disadvantages to reverse engineering?

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What is the gentic code?


What is the definition of productivity engineering?

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List 6 advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering?

Advantages: Disadvantages: *Today, April 25, 2008 is 55 years from the publication of the Crick and Watson article postulating the double helix as the structure for the DNA molecule: the beginning of genetic engineering.

What are the disadvantages in being an engineering technician?

well as an engineering technician I struggle to stay alive. The pay is very low and you have to work really hard to become one.

What r the Disadvantages of st.joseph engineering college chennai?

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Where in the cell is gentic material found?

In the nucleus.

Do proteins store gentic information?

No. They don't.

Is bipolar disorder gentic to a certain population?


What is a three letter gentic?

dna or rna

What are 4 gentic diseases?

Breast CancerDepression

Where is the gentic material stored in a plant cell?

The nucleus.

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