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What are the disadvantages of mobile?

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mobile may lead to danger

it is only used for very important call only

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give three disadvantages of mobile banking project by using java technology

Advantages and disadvantages of Mobile IP?

what are the draw backs of mobile ipv6

What are disadvantages of a mobile phone?

its smalll

Disadvantages of landlines phone?

not being mobile

Advantages and disadvantages of cell phones in Hindi languages?

advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in hindi

What are disadvantages and advantages of using mobile?

advantages: easier for your life disadvantages; uses a lot of energy

Give the best introduction of disadvantages of mobile phone to the student?

mobile phone can use for everthing . However ,mobile phone have disadvantanges. By using a mobile phone . we use the mobile phone to communicate or browsing the internet .the disadvantages by using a mobile phone is we always waste the time with the mobile phone to play a game or when the mobile phone have internet , we do not do anythings just sit and play .

What are the disadvantages of mobile computers?

the ipod is a mobile computer. and i cant tell you how many times i have dropped it

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What are the disadvantages of coin based mobile charger?

no disadvantage

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On mobiles advantages and disadvantages in Hindi?

advantages of using mobile

Is mobile phone ruining your society?

It is safe to say that mobile phones have both advantages and disadvantages, but they are not ruining society.

What are some Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone masts?

you could get cancer

Recycling copper from mobile phones disadvantages?

Could have radation poisoning

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What are the disadvantage wireless charging of mobile phone using microwave?

what are the disadvantages wireless chargeing of mobile phone using microwaves

Disadvantages of mobile phones in schools?

there is a 69 percent chance on losing your mobile phone at school 8635 votes!! by bobby Garth

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile incoming call indicator?

Advantage: Eliminates mobile phone ring. Disadvantage: Hassle of setting it up.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of use mobile phone in education?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile operating system?

Advantages of a mobile operating system include convenience, open source platforms being well-supported, and notification ease. Disadvantages include instability, and poor battery quality.

What are the disadvantages of mobile phones?

Privacy is disrupted. U can be detected / contacted anywhere. Of course, there are health issues also if mobile is used excessively.

Do the disadvantages of mobile computers prevent companies from buying these computers for their staffs?

Yes, the primary disadvantage causing this is the higher price of the mobile unit.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of windows mobile?

dont know ! i too searching the answer for the same question.!