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There is no such thing as THE Southern Baptist Church. All SBC churches are independent churches. The are nearly all controlled by the local members. The real question is your personal relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved and have an eternal relationship with God. Yes, the above answer is true, each SBC church isautonomous, however, the Southern Baptist Convention does uphold a set of beliefs as supported by The Bible. The largest differences are that Southern Baptist churches do not believe in speaking in tongues, the loss of one's salvation, and women serving as pastors. All of the beliefs upheld by the Southern Baptist Convention are laid out clearly on its website, as well as listed with Bible references which support the stands taken by the SBC. I agree with the previous answerer that ultimately your personal relationship with Jesus Christ is what counts. Just know that if you are saved and you are genuine in this decision, you can never lose your salvation. EVER (See Romans 8:38-39).

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What are the doctrinal differences between Mennonites and Southern Baptists?

One major difference is that the Mennonites are a 'peace' church discouraging members from military service. The Southern Baptists support the military.

What is the differences between bible Baptist church to missionary Baptist church?

what is the differ between prespyterian and baptist

What is the difference between Baptist and southern Baptist churches?

The only difference is the larger group that they are affiliated with. A Southern Baptist Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, which is one of many Baptist Groups. There are differences between baptist churches (even within the convention) because one of the most important Baptist beliefs is that of soul competancy, or the ability of each individual and church to interpret the bible themselves, and the freedom to worship according to their own conscience. This means that every baptist church might be a little bit different than the others. Southern Baptist churches are generally pretty conservative, however, there are exceptions.

What is the difference between southern baptist and christian?

Southern Baptists are Christians.

What is the difference between first baptist and southern baptist?

The title 'First Baptist' is assigned to the literal 'first' baptist church established in the area. Southern Baptist is a denomination. There are many Baptist denominations. As such a Southern Baptist church CAN be called "First Baptist" if they were the first Baptist church in the town. However, the First Baptist Church in the denomination could be a different Baptist denomination.

What is the difference between southern baptist and independent baptist?

"Southern Baptist" is a denomination or convention of Baptist churches. Baptist churches who choose to fellowship as members of the Southern Baptist Convention, would describe themselves as Southern Baptist.A Baptist church that chooses to describe itself as "Independent Baptist" chooses not to consider itself as a formal member of a Baptist denomination. However, they may choose to "fellowship with" or "associate with" a denomination, association, or convention of Baptist churches.

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Are Christians and Jews different?

Yes, there are doctrinal differences between Judaism and Christianity. To read about how they are different, please see the Related Question.

What is the difference between a Southern Baptist and a Missionary Baptist?

Primitive Baptists believe in predestination and also we do not have Sunday schools or musical instruments. This does not answer the question of the difference between missionary and southern baptists. Missionary baptists have closed communion and baptism to be members. Southern baptists are all about evangelism - dunk and dump.

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What is the difference between southern Baptist and a fundamentalist Baptist?

"Southern Baptist" is a denomination or convention of Baptist churches. Baptist churches who choose to fellowship as members of the Southern Baptist Convention, would describe themselves as Southern Baptist."Fundamental Baptist" is not a denomination, but is more descriptive of a theological stance. Being Fundamentalist says that you hold to certain "fundamentals of the faith". Often these are described as being 6 or 7 (Deity of Christ, Inspiration of the Bible, Trinity, etc.)Most Southern Baptists would have articles of faith that line up fairly closely with the beliefs of Fundamental Baptists. In fact, some Southern Baptist would describe themselves as Fundmentalists. Some would not. And some would choose to use the word "Evangelical" because (in the minds of some), at least Fundamentalism suggests a certain narrowness of mind and harshness of attitude.

Is there any similarity between doctrinal and non doctrinal legal research?

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What is the difference between southern Baptist and general Baptist?

Southern Baptist work together through a cooperative program or convention to support missionaries and to fund other programs. "General Baptist" usually support missionaries directly and do no cooperate with other churches to fund programs. The basic doctrine is the same. All baptist believe in full immersion baptism, eternal security of the believer, etc. Southern Baptist usually observe 2 ordinances (Baptism and the Lord's Supper/ Communion), some other baptist observe 3...these 2 and a foot washing ceremony.

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Catholic priest cant get married but Baptist ministers can. The similarties are they both christian churches and they both believe in god.

What is the difference between Southern Baptist and Methodist?

I grew up down south and was told the difference is that baptist ,their baptism is done by dipping you in water and that Methodist sprinkle water on your head.

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Do you allow a man to be ordained or preach in your organization with 3 living wives for United or Southern Baptist churches?

Speaking for Southern Baptist churches... The Southern Baptist Convention has instituted in The Baptist Faith & Message that all leaders of the church (pastors, deacons, etc.) shall be the husband of one wife as quoted in 1 Timothy 3. That is one of the many differences between Baptists & Mormons/Church of Latter Day Saints. == 2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach... 12Let the deacons be the husbands of one wife, ruling their children and their own houses well.

What the difference between the baptist church and interdenominational church?

A Baptist church answers to a governing body such as the Southern Baptist Convention while Interdenominational churches usually have no outside decision makers. Baptist churches generally have the same set of beliefs while beliefs change among interdenominational churches.

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