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What are the doldrums?

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The Doldrums (often capitalized when referring to the geographic region) is an area of the atlantic-ocean, the pacific-ocean and the indian-ocean affected by the convergence-zone, a low-pressure area around the equator where the prevailing-winds are calm. The low pressure is caused by the heat at the equator, which makes the air rise and travel north and south high in the atmosphere, until it subsides again in the horse-latitude. Some of that air returns to the Doldrums through the trade-wind. This process can lead to light or variable winds and more severe weather, in the form of heavy squalls, thunderstorms and hurricanes.

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The doldrums is a colloquial expression derived from historical maritime usage, which refers to those parts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean affected by the Intertropical Convergence Zone, a low-pressure area around the equator where the prevailing winds are calm. Ships would once get stuck in this area because their sails would just flap and they couldn't sail on. The word has also come to mean a certain mood where you're depressed because you feel you're just not getting anywhere.

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What part of speech is the word doldrums?

Doldrums is a noun.

How would you use doldrums in a sentence for science?

The ship got to the doldrums where there was no wind.

What are the 'Doldrums'?

The doldrums are areas of almost no wind occurring over ocean waters near the equator. The Trade Winds occur on both sides of the doldrums.

What are the winds like at the doldrums?

In the doldrums, there is no wind. The doldrums ( sea-wise) are calm areas without tropical storms or significant weather systems.

Where are the doldrums found?

I think you mean doldrums. The doldrums are indeed near the equator, but the doldrums is an area over an ocean that has little to no wind. (It may form in areas.) On either side of the doldrums are the trade winds. Sailors who relied only on sails detested the doldrums area--because their ships would not sail very fast at all ! Read this short weather article about the doldrums.As an aside, "the doldrums" is also used as an expression or analogy to describe when a person feels inertia and lack of movement in his/ her life that is often associated with a very temporary 'depressed' state. Examples:After working hard on his term paper, the boy entered the doldrums.Suffering from the doldrums, no activities interested the woman.I was so glad when the doldrums lifted from my life.

Doldrums are characterized by?

The doldrums are being sad and blue. Feeling depressed and uninspired.

How did doldrums get its name?

Doldrums got it's name by being stuck in the ocean is the like word definition of "doldrums." Which is "A state of inactivity, stagnation, or slump."

Sentence for doldrums?

I have been in the doldrums ever since Batool (a girl's name) left me.

What does down in the doldrums to you mean?

The doldrums are the dumps, it means feeling sad or blue, or downhearted.

What is the low pressure wind belt located in the equatorial regions called?

Doldrums doldrums

Where do doldrums occur?

Doldrums occur in tropical and subtropical latitudes. Also in areas with low pressure.

In what latitudes are the doldrums?

The doldrums are at the equator. They are just like the horse latitudes; they're a calm region.

What are the characteristics of doldrums?

Doldrums is the areas where the wind pressure is negligible . It is at 10 degree equator.Earlier the sailors use to feel at doldrums when they reach this area. doldrums has become a word synonymous to the condition where you can do nothing. Like wise sailors were, when no wind was there to steer their ships to the destination

The equatorial doldrums are located at what latitude?

The 'equatorial doldrums' are located from the Equator south to about the 40 th parallel.

Why do sailors avoid sailing in the doldrums?

There are no winds in the doldrums, so they can't catch any wind and move.

How do you use doldrums in a sentence?

It set the men to work harder than ever, as though the doldrums had been prearranged.

Are doldrums characterized by weak winds or strong winds?

weak winds because doldrums are calm winds on the earth.

Do doldrums have high pressure or low pressure?

The doldrums have low pressure. They have low pressure because the sun's rays hit the doldrums most directly because it is located near/on the equator. Since the sun's rays hit the doldrums, the air is warm. The warm air rises, bringing lowpressure.

What occurs in the doldrums?

In the doldrums, strange things can happen with the weather. It can be very still with not a wave in sight. Then, all of a sudden a tropical storm can occur. The doldrums is an area in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans near the Equator.

Are Doldrums Regions Of light Or Absent Winds Near The Equator?

In the days of sail, ships could find themselves becalmed in the doldrums. The doldrums is a low-pressure area around the equator where the prevailing winds are calm.

Is the Intertropical Convergence Zone also known as the doldrums?

Question: The doldrums happen in a zone known as the what? Answer: intertropical convergence zone

What actors and actresses appeared in Doldrums - 2007?

The cast of Doldrums - 2007 includes: Jennifer Arce Stephen Weser

What part of the equator has no wind?

The Doldrums.

What causes doldrums?

the spinning of the earth

What is an area with no prevailing winds?