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The primary duty of congress is to enact laws for the nation. The powers of congress are listed in the United States Constitution, Article I, Section 8. These are known as "expressed" or "enumerated" powers because they are listed in the Constitution. Examples are declaring war, regulating commerce, granting copyrights and patents, and levying taxes. The "Elastic Clause" in Article I, Section 8 grants congress the power to make all laws "necessary and proper" to carry out the powers expressed in the Constitution. This "stretches" the power of congress and allows the legislative branch to enact laws as new situations and times occur. Most of the work of congress is carried out by committees and sub committees. These committees investigate and determine what laws, if any, are necessary. They then report back to the Senate or House and the proposed laws (bills) are voted on by all the members. MrV

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Q: What are the duties of Congress and how are they accomplished?
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What are duties of the congress?

the duties of the congress is enacting laws of the country

Duties of congress?

some duties of congress are, make laws, represent their constitutions, and serve on committees

Sedentary duties only what are they?

Sedentary duties are duties that can be completed without the need to move around, i.e that can be accomplished while seated.

Who assigned congresses duties?

The duties of congress were assigned by the Constitution. Article I one of the Constitution describes the specific powers of congress.

Should congress have more duties?

Heavens no . . . they cannot handle the duties that they do have, already.

What did the continental congress accomplish?

they accomplished alot of things

What are the dutie of congress?

One of the duties of Congress is to declare war. Another duty of Congress is to make and enact laws.

How are the duties of the congress divided between the house and senate?

the duties of the congress divided between the house and senate are that the senate tends to have more power than representatives

What are the 3 major duties of congress?

There are 4 majors duties of Congress. This question has been answered previously. Please go to: 4_powers_given_to_congress_by_the_constitution

What was a consequence of the first continental congress?

The result of the First Continental Congress in 1775 was that Townshend Act was repealed. It actually accomplished little as the tea taxes remained in place. The Second Continental Congress accomplished more.

What are the main duties of Congress?

To make and pass laws.

Who gave congress there duties?

The Constitution, and therefore the people.

What are the president powers and duties of relations with congress?

WUT . i did

What are the main duties of this house of congress?

the answer to this question is . You have to be responsible

What helps congress with research and office duties?


How did the seven specific duties of congress come to be assigned?

The early government took all the duties of the king and spread them around to the president, congress, and the senate after the Revolutionary War.

What are the jobs of the congress?

Congress has several job duties. Some of those duties are making laws, they can coin money, collect taxes, and they can also override Presidential vetoes.

What did the stamp act of congress of 1765 accomplish?

The stamp act of 1765 congress accomplished the declaration of rights of grievance.

Through what authority have the duties of the supreme court been defined?

The Congress defines the duties of the Supreme Court.

What did the congress today accomplished?

Being dumb people and being lazy

What had Congress not accomplished when it recessed in June 1933?

breaking the grip of the depression

What did the second congress accomplish?

the socond continential congress accomplished the articles of confederation,and agreed to appoint George Washington as the commander

Duties of party officers in congress?

They act as a parlimentarian for congress. (keeping order and control) ~{Gummi Bear}~

How has the doctrine of implied powers increased the power of congress?

It allows congress to create laws to carry out its duties.

Which group of people can deem the president incapable of performing his duties?

Congress can deem the president incapable of performing his duties.