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Q: What are the educational requirements of employees at General Electric?
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How many employees does General Electric have?

GE reports 287,000 employees as of December 2010.

How many employees does General Electric have in GA?

301,000 world wide !

Does General Electric offer corporate housing?

Yes, General Electric offers corporate housing to its employees. However, employees in the lower rank might not get corporate housing due to the simple duties they perform.

What are the educational requirements for a general office job?

w hat are the specific skill requirements for office jobs

What benefits does General Electric offer to its employees?

Yes, General Electric Co (a/k/a GE) does give their employees domestic partner benefits, according to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Corporate Equality Index 2013, which gave them a 75% rating.

General training requirements include all of these except?

provide hazard analysis training for all employees

General requirements when dealing customers from different cultures?

We have ones that will not go home and hang out in your store talking to the employees ALL DAY!

What is the difference between general and general and educational psychology?

what is difference between general Psychology and educational psycholgy

How many employees does General Electric have and how many are sales reps?

GE boasts 304,000 employees worldwide. I have not yet found any statistics available to the public which indicate how many of those are considered sales staff.

What is the population of General Electric?

General Electric's population is 301,000.

What is the vision general electric?

What is the vision statement for General Electric

When was The General Electric created?

The General Electric was created in 1999.