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According to research, poor academic performance can often lead to poverty. Poverty then affects academic performance, and unfortunately, the cycle continues.

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Q: What are the effect of poor academic performance?
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What are the cause and effect of not studying in exam?

The cause of not studying for an exam is lack of preparation and understanding of the material. The effect is a lower score or poor performance on the exam, which can impact grades and academic progress.

What is the effect of library to the academic performance of student?

because they read very well

Alcohol can have a negative effect on academic performance because of?

Alcohol can have a negative effect on performance academically, due to it inducing an altered state of mind that is not conducive to studying.

What is academic and non academic performance?

When You are in academy your activity evaluate as academic performance & when you are not in academy your activity in non academic performance.

What is the effect of phone messages to the academic performance of students?

wow...........nothing. one factor is the incorrect use of spelling

Academic performance of high school students?

Academic performance is what you have shown you can do in a certain subject. Ability is what you CAN do, given ideal circumstances. You can think of it as being internal and hidden until you show what you can do with your performance. Performance is external and what people see. For instance, someone that freaks out when they have to take a test may bomb it and have poor performance, even though they knew the material and had the ability to do the material on the test if they hadn't been so nervous.

What does sports benefits your academic?

Any sport will have a positive effect on academic performance simply because exercise is good for the brain, and teamwork and strategy that are focal to most sports are applicable as well to many academic areas.

Indiscipline is responsible for the poor performance of student in examination?

Indiscipline can lead to poor performance in exams because it can result in lack of focus, missed study opportunities, and overall disorganization in studying routines. A structured and disciplined approach to studying is essential for effective learning and academic success.

What is the relationship of academic performance and occupational interests?

Typically, passion for a field increases academic performance.

How does lack of diligence affect academic performance?

Lack of diligence can lead to poor time management, procrastination, and incomplete work which can result in lower grades. Students may struggle to stay organized, meet deadlines, and retain information, thus negatively impacting their academic performance.

What are the effects of TV in a child's academic performance?

Television affects a child's academic performance by taking them away from more enriching experiences. A child's TV should be limited to improve their academic performance.

What are the causes of poor academic performance of high school students?

Lazy students,school teachers that don't care or they do not have the proper resources,parents who don't value education, lack of funds(money) provided by the state. The possibilities are endless!!