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What are the effects of air pollution?

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2008-10-28 20:06:36

The effects of air pollution are many. Firstly, it air pollution

will have a great effect on our health by damaging our respiratory

system when breathing. Air pollution also effects animals, for

example if it the polluted air went into a chicken boday and then

we ate that chicken, it will have an effect on the chicken alive

and another effect on us when the chicken is dead. The main risk of

air pollution is that it result in lung cancer and skin cancer

which may be deadly for humans. Moreover, for long term effects,

air pollution will it destroy our ozone layer, and will be worse to

inhale the air. Also, air pollution when mixed with rain creates

acid rain which is bad for all living things; humans, animals and

plants in a way that if this air is inhaled by a living thing, it

is poisonous and risky. As we know, air pollution is increasing all

over the world we can reduce it by modifying our transportation,

conserving energy, reducing waste, eliminating toxic chemical use

at home, and plant leafy trees.

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