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What are the effects of air pollution?

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The effects of air pollution are many. Firstly, it air pollution will have a great effect on our health by damaging our respiratory system when breathing. Air pollution also effects animals, for example if it the polluted air went into a chicken boday and then we ate that chicken, it will have an effect on the chicken alive and another effect on us when the chicken is dead. The main risk of air pollution is that it result in lung cancer and skin cancer which may be deadly for humans. Moreover, for long term effects, air pollution will it destroy our ozone layer, and will be worse to inhale the air. Also, air pollution when mixed with rain creates acid rain which is bad for all living things; humans, animals and plants in a way that if this air is inhaled by a living thing, it is poisonous and risky. As we know, air pollution is increasing all over the world we can reduce it by modifying our transportation, conserving energy, reducing waste, eliminating toxic chemical use at home, and plant leafy trees.

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What are the useful effects of air pollution?

there are no useful effects of air pollution.

How does our pollution decrease the quality of air?

Pollution effects our air because the particles of pollution gets into our air therefor decreasing the quality of air. We breathe it in and that effects our lungs.

What are the effects of clean environment?

the effects of a clean environment are water pollution land pollution air pollution

What are the effects of the different types of environment degradation?

the effects are land pollution ,water pollution, and air pollution.

What are the effects of air pollution on humans?

Air pollution is responsible for major health effects. Older people are highly vulnerable

What are the main causes and effects of air pollution?

The main causes of air pollution are factories and cars that release toxic gases and chemicals into the air. The largest effects of air pollution are smog and acid rain.

What are TWO short-term effects of air pollution?

Two short-term effects of air pollution are smog and acid rain.

How do you write a paper on cause and effects of air pollution?

You write what causes air pollution (Humans), then write what it does... (Intoxicate out air)

What is the effect of environmental pollution and air pollution?

Environmental & Air Pollution Effects in Hindi पर्यावरण और वायु प्रदूषण हिंदी में

Effects of air pollution on ozone layer?

Air pollution causes greenhouse effect. It results in ozone depletion.

What are the sources and effects of lead in air pollution?

This is called Ozone because Ozone is harmfull and so is air pollution

Example of slowgun air pollution?

Slogans for air pollution are an excellent way to help people gain knowledge about the effects. Air pollution can really harm the environment.

How air pollution effects the environment?

Air pollution can affect the environment by causing global warming. Also, in Greece, air pollution is eating away ancient monuments.

What is an air pollution control district?

An air pollution control district is any of a group of districts which are established and help in protecting the public from the harmful effects of air pollution.

What is the global effects of air pollution?

There are many effects. Global warming is a example.

What is the effects of air pollution in Mexico city?


What are the effects of air pollution on taj mahal?

Pollution has begun to mar the walls of this monument.

What is a good sentence for pollution?

Pollution is all around people , and effects the air , and water.

What is Causes and effects of air pollution?

factory pollution, car exhaustion, fossil fuels.

What are three factors that determine how severe the effects of pollution are?

water, air, and land pollution

Major air pollution?

A major air pollution is green house effects, which leads to many other air pollutions. that's why it is major.

What are some of the health effects of air pollution?

There are many dicesases due to air pollution. Also it cause for global warming.

What effects you when smoking?

All bad effects you can imagine. What good effects you get when smoking? NONE.

What is the effects of air and water pollution?

Global warming and other devastating effects on the environment

Bad effects of physical and chemical change?

1.)Air pollution 2.)Water pollution 3.)Land pollution