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What are the effects of cutting down trees?


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June 20, 2014 4:01PM

Trees absorb CO2 so there will be more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which will contribute to global warming. It will also kill animals as trees are a natural habitat for many animals.

If you cut down trees then you have less oxygen producers. If you take out the stumps then you can cause a mud slide.

Cutting trees will lead to less rain on earth and increase the temperature of the earth thus leading to the melting of ice and decreasing the land.

Cutting down trees (and not replanting them) will effect humans as well as animals, the ecosystem, and the climate because:

a) trees happen to be a GREAT source of oxygen

b) think about how may animals live in trees...or use their fruits as food

c) trees happen to have many advantages to them...but they provide LOTS of shade from the sun's harmful uva rays (hint: sunscreen)

d) they maintain ecosystems