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What are the effects of discrimination physically intellectually socially and emotionally?


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The physical effects are: headaches, poor appetite, a change in eating habits, sleeplessness, loss/gain of weight, deterioration of health, bruises, ulcers, lack of personal hygiene and lack of energy. the emotional effects are: low self esteem, lack of confidence, feeling unwanted, insecurity, becoming withdrawn, depression/stress, anxiety, sudden change in behavior, lack of co-operation and learned helplessness. the social effects: isolation, lack of friends, becoming withdrawn, unrecognized as an individual, feel like a stranger and inability to build relationships. the intellectual effects: restricted access to education, poor performance in examinations, lack of achievements, poor job prospects, lack of skills, self-fulfilling prophecy, loss of motivation, lack of interest in anything and absence from work. this information all came off of a worksheet from my teacher so it should all be correct.

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  • Anger
  • loss of self-esteem
  • Isolation
  • feeling stressed or unable to cope
  • The long term effects could include:
  • loss of motivation
  • reduced individual rights
  • restricted opportunities
  • limited access to services
  • mental illness caused by stress