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Rows, Column, Worksheet, Cell , Workbook, Range, and Cell content,

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Q: What are the elements of MS Excel?
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MS Excel and MS Office?

MS excel is a part of MS Office suite. You can create spreadsheet with the help of MS excel.

Why is MS Excel is called Excel?

MS-Excel is a powerful worksheet & you calculate , syncronize many hard calculation, so MS-Excel is called Excel.

Difference between ms-Excel 2000 and ms-Excel 2007?

what are the major difference between MS-Excel 2000 and MS-Excel 2007?

How many cells in ms-Excel?

16,777,216 in versions up to MS Excel 2003. From MS Excel 2007 onwards is 17,179,869,184.

What is the meaning of ms Excel 2010?

ms excel 2010

Where is MS Excel?

MS Excel is under Microsoft Office

What is the slide layout in ms Excel?

MS Excel does not have a slide layout, but MS PowerPoint does.

Differences between ms-word and ms-Excel?

Ms-word is for word processing. Ms-Excel is for numbers - budgets, mileage and etc.

Parts of MS Excel and their functions?

part and its function of ms excel

Where is the Excel located on the computer?

Program - MS Office - MS Excel

How can you show the MS Excel ruler bar?

There is no ruler bar in MS Excel. That is an MS Word function.

What is the cursor on ms Excel is called the?

The cursor is called a cursor in MS Excel.

Why MS-Excel is used?

ms excel is used to create spreadsheets.

What are the component elements in MS Office?

Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Power Point, Publisher, etc.

What is the difference between ms project and ms Excel?

MS Project is a project management application and MS Excel is a spreadsheet application.

Who created the ms Excel?

there is no one who actually created ms excel.................... microsoft excel is a software developed by microsoft.

What is ms word Excel?

MS stands for Microsoft so ms word and ms excel are Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel respectively. We can create documents in windows operating system with usually MS Word used to create word documents and MS excel for creating spreadsheet for calculation etc.

Similarities and dissimilarities of Microsoft Word and MS Excel?

simililarities between ms word and ms excel screen feature

What is the difference between MS Excel to Paint?

MS Excel is a spreadsheet; MS Paint is a basic graphics editing program.

What is MS Excel also called?

"Microsoft Excel" or simply "Excel".

What is the control center in a PowerPoint in Excel?

There is no PowerPoint control center in Excel. MS PowerPoint is a presentation application. MS Excel is a spreadsheet.

What is also called a slide show in Excel?

MS Excel does not have a slide show, but MS PowerPoint does.

What is the file extension for MS Excel?

The default file extension is .xls for all the MS Excel versions up-to 2003.And .xlsx for all the MS Excel versions from 2007.

What versions of word and Excel can you use with vista?

You can use most versions of MS Word and MS Excel with Windows Vista. The versions mostly associated with Vista are MS Word 2007 and MS Excel 2007.

What is another name for lists on Excel?

Ms excel