What are the energy-producing organelles?


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Mitochondria produce energy for the cell in the form of ATP molecules.

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Organelles are in every cell. Virus do not have organelles.

Of course they have organelles. They do not have membrane bound organelles.

no not all organelles have cells but cells can be in organelles

Mitochondria are organelles and have no organelles of their own. They are inside a cell with other membrane bound organelles.

Yes, cells have organelles. The organelles are like the organs of the cell.

no, virus's do not have organelles.

there are 59.5 organelles ......

Cells have organelles; organelles don't have cells. Or, to put it a different way, organelles are to cell as your organs are to you.

Organelles are found in cells

at are the organelles of nucleolus

Organelles is the correct spelling.

An animal cell organelles are organelles that are found in the human body or in the animal body

Chloroplasts are organelles, they are not found inside other organelles, they are found inside cells.

Membrane bound organelles such as Golgi apparatus and nucleus.OrganellesOrganelles

Without membrane bound organelles. These cells do have organelles.A prokaryote cell.

The cell organelles are suspended in the cytosol; a jellylike fluid inside the cell in which the organelles are suspended.

The organelles of a cell are like your organs. Your organs are in your body and organelles (little organs) are in a cell.

Organelles don't contain silicon.

All cells have organelles.

organelles are types of cells

No, ribosomes are technically not considered organelles.

the organelles are chloroplast

Nerve cells do have organelles

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