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Deforestation (logging) of area to create the mine and roads to transport the mined products. That can result in loss of wildlife and or extinction of species. Chemicals and/or vapours that are produced in smelting get placed in the atmosphere. Not to mention all the resources like metal, electricity and oil/petroleum to buid a mine and support an active mine. Emissions from vehcles or tranport to transport it. The salt bit I'm not so sure about apart from the vapours and chemicals that are dispersed into the atmosphere. I guess it contributes to global warming. And as far as oil goes there is also the burn off of oil that cannot be used or isn't the appropriate grade.

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Q: What are the environmental impacts of mining and processing salts?
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How is flouride made?

Fluoride is made from fluoride salts that are gathered through mining. This salts are used to produce hydrogen fluoride and fluorocarbons.

Do underground stems absorbs water and mineral salts for the plant?

The underground stems do not absorb water and mineral salts for the plant, rather these store the prepared food material in them to overcome adverse environmental conditions.

DoesLake water contains dissolved salts?

yes, all environmental and drinking water contains salts. You only get pure H2O in labs. Sea water is salty because there is more salt dissolved in it.

Does gold have covalent bond?

Yes, it can. For example, gold forms a covalent bond with a cyanide ion, which is why cyanide salts are used in the mining industry.

Where are water and salts removed from food?

Food Safety and Environmental Services

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Is the chlorine produced in saltwater pool any different from a health or environmental perspective than chlorine used in chlorine pool?

salt water pools don't use chlorine salts, they are bromine salts. So yes, saltwater pool are better for you.

What are the similarities of Epsom salts and table salts?

They are ionic salts.

What role do bile salts play in the digestion of salts?

Bile salts help in the digestion of fats not salts.

What are chemical salts Are carbonates oxides and hydrogencarbonates also salts?

- carbonates are salts.- oxides are...oxides not salts- hydrogencarbonates are salts

Is epsom salts and aquarium salts the same?

No. Epsom salts is magnesium sulfate. Aquarium salts contain a variety of salts including sodium chloride.

What are non metallic salts?

Nonmetallic salts are salts that contain nonmetal elements. For example, ammonium salts, nitrates, sulfates, chlorides, and phosphates are nonmetallic salts.

Are radioisotopes salts?

Radioisotopes are not salts but salts may contain radioisotopes.

What are the ways of classifying salts?

Examples: organic or inorganic salts, basic or acidic salts, natural or artificial salts etc.

What has the author O Piedrahita written?

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What is in dissolved salts?

Dissolved salts are the salts which exist in a water solution (generally).

How does Kraft make cheese whiz?

By processing and combining cheese making scraps from cutting harder cheeses and other dairy byproducts such whey with mineral salts and flavor enhancers.

Why are common salts called hydrated salts?

Only some salts have hydrates, not all. These salts contain in the formula water of crystallization.

What are mixed salts?

This is a mixture of salts.

What are Zn Salts?

Zinc salts

What are eposm salts?

bath salts

What are soluble salts?

Those salts which can dissolve in water.because water is a solvent and salts are solute.

What are chromate salts?

Chromate salts are the salts containing the anion chromate (CrO4)2-.

What is guanidium salts?

Guanidinium salts are salts derived from guanidine - CHN(NH2)2.

Are salts organic molecules?

Many inorganic salts exist but also organic salts.