What are the experience requirements for CMAs or CFMs?

Updated: 11/5/2022
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two continuous years of professional experience in management accounting and/or financial management. Qualifying experience consists of positions requiring judgments regularly made employing the principles of management accounting and financial manage

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Q: What are the experience requirements for CMAs or CFMs?
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What are CMAs and CFMs?

certified management accountant (CMA) and the certified in financial management (CFM)

What organization must candidates for CMAs and CFMs belong to?

Membership: Candidates for certification must be a member of the IMA because the certification programs are a privilege of membership.

What is the code of ethics that CMAs and CFMs must follow?

Candidates for certification must agree to comply with the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Practitioners of Management Accounting and Financial Management.

When did the CMAs start?

They began in 1967.

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