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What are the fastest DVD burners?

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Mine peaks at 22x, but in all fairness, fastest is not always the best. In order to get the highest-quality, I choose a 16x burning speed. Currently standard format DVD-/+Rs can only burn at 18x

2008-12-02 08:16:39
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Q: What are the fastest DVD burners?
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What is the fastest CD-R/DVD-R combo drive available?

The fast est drives burn cds at 52x and the fastest DVD burners do 24x.There are dozens of 24x burners and all burn cds at 52x.

Do MacBooks have DVD burners?

Yes Macbooks have DVD burners.

Where do you find DVD burners for TV?

You don't, DVD burners come on desktop computers/laptops

What are CD and DVD burners?

CD & DVD burners are optical drives that can write data to CDs or DVDs.

Can all DVD burners write CDs?

Yes, all DVD burners have the ability to write CDs and DVDs.

Is burning DVD bad for you're computer?

no otherwise they wouldn't make DVD burners

Are DVD drives and DVD burners the same thing?

They can be, but don't have to be. A DVD drive will play a DVD. A DVD burner will play and burn DVD's.

Do today's DVD burners use blue laser technology?


Are DVD burners able to burn Blu-ray?


Do all computers come with dvd burners built into them?

No, not all computers come with DVD burners built into them. Although they are more common in computers today, they are sometimes an upgrade that must be purchased with a computer.

What's it cost to replace a dvd drive with a dvd burner?

DVD burners are so cheap these days it should only cost twenty or thirty dollars.

How do you save a video onto a disc?

There are numerous applications that allow users to burn files to discs. Some free ones include: CD Burner XP (, List of Free CD/DVD Burners (, and another List of Free CD/DVD Burners (

What replaced the floppy disc?

Includes:CD and DVD burnersUSB flash drives

Which storage devices uses laser beams to read and write?

CD & DVD burners

How many watts does a DVD burner use?

From what I understand, a typical DVD Burner will consume 25-30 watts during a peak burn cycle.This does not include Blue-Ray burners. CD burners will be about 5-15 watts lower.

Does Free Easy Burner DVDs work on Home DVD Players?

yes they do but burners are illegal

Where can external DVD burners be purchased?

There are many different stores that have DVD burners available. Popular stores include Amazon and Ebay, although a very good alternative is Ebuyer as they have a great range as well as a lot of indepenant reviews from customers who have purchased the products.

What is the fasted DVD burning drive?

32x is the fastest a dvd drive can burn.

What is the fastest type of DVD drive?


What is the fastest DVD ripper aviable?


What is a fast speed for a dvd drive?

Currently the fastest read speed of a dvd drive is 16x while the fastest burn speed of any dvd drive is currently 8x.

Is 16X the fasted DVD writeable disc?

16x is the fastest DVD-R we can find.

What's the fastest DVD drive?

the asus model dvd-e616a2 is prey fast

What does the brand Plextor make?

The brand Plextor makes solid state drives, DVD and Blu-ray burners, network attached storage, external and internal CD burners, and digital video converters.

What dvd burners have the ability to print images on the top of the disk?

Any burner that lists lightscribe technology will be able to do this.