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The 3 sports were tennis, Golf, and croquet. This occurred in 1900 when 19 women participated in the aforementioned sports.

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What were the first three sports women were allowed to participate in?

At the Olympics, that was golf, tennis, and croquet at the 1900 Games in Paris.

Who was allowed to participate in the first Olympics?

males only

What sports did athletes participate in at the first Olympics in ancient Greece?

Chariot Racing- something unfair was girls weren't allowed to go to Olympics or school in that time!

When were profesional athletes allowed to participate in the olympic games?

The first Olympics to officially accept professional athletes was 1988 in selected sports and 1992 in the remainder.

When were girls allowed in the olympics?

Women were first allowed to participate in the modern Olympic games at the 1900 Paris games.

When ere women first allowed to participate in the Olympics?


Did women compete in the olpmpics?

At the first Olympics, women were not allowed to participate. The games were dedicated to Zeus, and were therefore meant for men. Now, women certainly do participate in the Olympics.

When was the first time blacks were allowed to participate in Olympics?

when Hitler died he hated the Niger s*****

Do the Olympics encourage equality in the world?

Women were first allowed in the track and field and that was the only sport they were allowed to do but now they can compete in all sports that are in the olympics.

When were woman first allowed to participate in the Olympics?

In the 1900 Games in Paris when women participated in golf, tennis, and croquet.

Have the sports in the Olympics ever changed since it was first played?

sure such as the allowing of woman to participate in the mid 20th century

When did the first Olympics happen?

The first Olympic took place in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC. They would do participate in several sports, usually naked.

When were women first allowed to ride in the Olympics?

They were first allowed to ride in the Olympics in 1952

When did the usa first participate in the Olympics?


When did France first participate in Olympics?


When were women's Olympic sports invented?

1900 was the first Olympics when women were allowed to compete in golf, tennis, and croquet.

Why are women excluded from swimming in the first several Olympics?

Most if not all sports in the first Olympics did no include the allowance of women to participate. They got the right to compete almost 20 years later in many events.

What year did Canada first participate in the Olympics?

1900 for the Summer Olympics and 1924 for the Winter Olympics.

What year were women allowed to participate in ladylike Olympic sports?

The first Olympic Games in which women participated were those of Amsterdam, in 1928.

What year were the ladies allowed to play in the Olympics?

Women were officially first allowed to compete in Olympic sports in the Second Olympiad, held in 1900 in Paris, France.

When were women first aloud to participate in the Olympics?


When did India participate in Olympics for first time?


Who was the first woman to participate in the Olympics?

hello moto

When were women first allowed to watch the olympics?

According to Topendsports: Even in the early years of the modern Olympics, women were not well represented (consequently a rival Women's Olympics was held). Women participated for the first time at the 1900 Paris Games with the inclusion of women's events in lawn tennis and golf. Women's athletics and gymnastics debuted at the 1928 Olympics.But in wikipedia it is mentioned that, The 2012 Olympic Games in London were the first Olympics where every participating country included female athletes. They were also the first Olympics in which women competed in all sports in the program.Another interesting fact that i found in the blog of PureVPN about Winter Olympics Facts i was reading earlier, The 2014 winter Olympics were the first time women were allowed to participate in Ski Jumping.

What sports did they have in the first modern Olympics?

The same as they had in the ancient olympics

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