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lick your elbow, lick behind your ears, big toe to touch little toe, lick your back and to ballance on your elbow

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There are far more than five organs in the human body.

The five types of bones in the human body are long, short, flat, irregular and sesamoid bones.

five senses of the human body

it needs a balanced diet and at least five a day .The human body needs iron and calcium

five good conductors are iron,copper,water,aluminium,our human body

The human body has five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

Fifty to seventy-five million cells make up the human body.

They are the five senses of the human body.

sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing

There are five metatarsals in the human body. To view the source and more information on metatarsals go to:

the 5 vital organs of the human body are the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, and spleen.

There are typically five lumbar vertebrae in the human body. They are located inferiorly to the thoracic vertebrae, and superior to the sacrum, at the base of the spinal column.

They are: * Thighs * Shoulders * Chest * Back * Hamstrings

The biggest organ in the human body is skin. The skin is also one of five organs that the body can't live without. The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body.

There are roughly 700 named muscles in the human body. Some of these muscles include cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle, and visceral muscle.

Carbon makes up about eighteen percent of the human body. Oxygen is the element found most abundantly in the human body with sixty five percent.

There are a variety of different types of specialized cells in the human body, not just five. Here are a few: cheek cells muscle cells ovum sperm cells ciliated cells Good Luck :)

You have about five liters of blood in your body. You have two liters of the cells and three liters of the plasma in your blood.

5 Typically five but that can vary from four to six.

protein carbohydrates fatty acids minerals water

There are five sacral vertebrae. They are fused and form the Sacrum.

The five types of joints found in the body are 1)ball in socket 2)gliding 3)hinge 4)pivot 5)fixed

The five major functions of the human skeletal system are: Support, Storage of Minerals and Lipids, Blood Cell Production, Protection, and Leverage.

seventy five trillion10 trillionthere are 50 billion (50 million million ) or 50 000 000 000 000 cells in the human body.