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AA - an associate degree in arts Associate in Arts associate degree, associate - a degree granted by a two-year college on successful completion of the undergraduates course of studies AS - Associate in science degree AAA degree - The A.A.A. or Associate in Applied Arts degree curriculum is designed for students who seek employment in the performing arts field. The degree offers a major in Music and a specialization in *Jazz/Popular Music. Each program has a common first year. Recommended preparation: An interview with the music faculty may be required before beginning the program. The A.A.A. degree may also be accepted for transfer by some senior colleges and universities. NVCC has a formal articulation agreement for the A.A.A. degree in Music to transfer into George Mason University's Bachelor of Music degree program with education and performance concentrations. For more information, see the current NVCC/GMU Bachelor of Music transfer sheet. Students who wish to use the degree for transfer to other four-year institutions should consult with a counselor or faculty advisor regarding the transfer requirements of the institution of their choice.

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Q: What are the following degrees - AAA AS AAA-AS and AAA?
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