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Go to On the side you will see a "car products" column. Click on "what fit's my car?" and put in your car type. It will tell you all factory speaker sizes as well as the size deck you need if replacing that. You can also buy the stuff there,too. They are really good people there. They stand behind their stuff and have excellent tech support.

You don't need to cut the wires at all, I just got mine installed in 5 minutes with the adapter speaker plug, I got them from Amazon for 16 bucks but you save a lot of time and you don't mess the wire system of your car with the black tape and stuff.


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Q: What are the front size round speakers in a 1999 Honda Civic Ex?
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What is the speaker size on a 2001 Civic?

That depends slightly on wether or not your Civic is a 2 door or a 4 door. On 4 door Civics the rear speakers are 6.5" round speakers. If you have a coupe the rear speakers are 6x9. The front speakers, whether sedan or coupe are 6" round. The front speakers require a pretty thin setup. I believe there is only about 2 inches of clearance depth for the speakers, so you should choose accordingly.

What are rear speaker sizes in Honda civic Dx?

I just had some put in and they are 6 1/4 round speakers. Make a great difference . Could not belive when I got the car no speakers in the back good luck

What are the round tubes in the exhaust system on a Honda Civic 1994?

Catalatic converter

What size speakers does a 94 Saturn sl1 have?

6.5" round speakers in the front and back.

What size are the front speakers of a 93 mercury capri?

6.5 inch round speakers

What size speakers fit front door of 2002 Chevy 1500hd silverado?

6.5" round speakers.

What size for 96 integra front door speakers?

6.5" round

What size are 1992 Honda accord rear speakers?

6 1/2 inch round. ..

What size speakers are in your 1999 Ford Escort ZX2?

i believe the rear speakers are 5x9 and the front are 51/2 round

What size speakers are in a 1987 Cadillac Brougham?

4" round in front and 6x9 in back

What are the size of the front door speakers and rear pillar speakers on a 1997 Silverado ext cab?

front door speakers are 6.5 inch (round) with a dome tweeter seperate, and the rear speakers above the rear headrests in the corners are 4x6

1997 camaro and you want to know what speakers fit in it?

Front and rear are both 6.5" round

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