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What are the fuctions of Maine's Judicial branch?

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Along with the Governor's office and the Maine Legislature, the Maine Judicial Branch is one of the three branches (executive, legislative and judicial) of Maine state government. Its responsibility is to operate the court system in Maine.

There are four types of court within the Maine Judicial Branch. The Supreme Judicial Court is the 'court of last resort' in Maine, meaning the court that makes the final decision on questions of state law. The two trial courts are the Superior Court, which handles all jury cases, felony criminal cases and major civil cases, and the District Court, which handles family, misdemeanor criminal, juvenile, small claims and traffic cases. A separate Probate Court handles cases involving wills, guardianships and estate matters.

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What branch interprets laws?

Judicialthe judicial branch

What does judicial branch mean?

what does judicial branch mean?the branch that interprets laws and settle disagreement about them; "judicial" comes from judge :)

How does the Legislative Branch checks the judicial branch?

The legislative doesn't check the judicial branch.

What branch of government is the highest judicial authority?

The Judicial Branch has judicial authority which is the Supreme court.

How does the legislative branch check judicial branch?

Congress may impeach an official from the judicial branch, or the executive branch, for abusing their power. However, the judicial branch holds the trial.

How can the executive branch affect the performance of the judicial branch?

The Executive Branch can affect the performance of the Judicial Branch because each judge appointed to the Judicial Branch is put there by the Executive Branch.

How can the judicial branch challenge the powers of the legislative and executive branch?

The Judicial branch has what is known as Judicial Review, which means the Judicial Branch may invalidate laws made by the Legislative branch and executive orders made by the Executive branch that it determines is unconstitutional.

What is the judicial branch job?

The job of the judicial branch is to carry out laws

What are facts abou the judicial branch?

the judicial branch makes the laws

What are the components of the judicial branch?

The court system is the judicial branch of government.

What is the judicial branch of South America?

what is the judicial branch of south America

Is the Judicial branch top court?

The judicial branch is all courts.

What branch does the judicial branch check?

The Judicial Branch checks both the Legislative and the Executive Branches.

What are the branches of government?

legislative branchexecutive branchjudicial branchthere is the judicial,legislative,and executive.

What can the judicial branch do to limit the powers of the legisative branch?

The judicial branch can deem a bill unconstitutional.

How can the judicial branch check branch check the legislative branch?

the judicial branch uses its power of judicial review to declare whether or not a law passed by the legislation is constitutional

Which branch of government exercises the power of judicial review?

The judicial branch exercises the power of judicial review.

Qualifications for judicial branch?

There are no specific qualifications for the Judicial Branch in the Constitutions. However, it is assumed that the Judicial Branch members will be a US citizen and be a lawyer.

How does the Judicial Branch work?

I think that the Judicial Branch works within the government. I also think that the Judicial branch help all of the courts

What are the 3 branches of our government?

-legislative branch-Executive branch-Judicial branchExecutive branch, Legislative branch, & House of representatives judicial branch

Which branch decides if the actions of the executive branch are constitutional?

The judicial branch. The Supreme Court is the Judicial Branch of the US Government.

What is a power that the legislative branch holds over the judicial branch?

The Legislative branch according to the US constitution has the power of the purse over the Judicial branch. They determine the funding for the Judicial branch and can determine the working elements of the Judicial Branch. The Legislative branch also has the power to confirm Judicial nominees to the Judicial Branch and the confirmation process provides a series of checks to confirm the soundness of the judicial appointee.

The legislative branch can check the judicial branch by its power to?

The legislative Branch can check the Judicial branch in that Congress can approve the Judicial appointments, they can also impeach judges and remove them from office.

Is the governor in the judicial branch?

No, the Judicial Branch is composed of judges. A governor is in the Executive Branch of state government.

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