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What are the functions of newton scale?

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°N = °C x 33/100

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What is newton scale?

Newton is a temperature scale. For details see the link below

How is a Newton scale used?

A newton sacle is used by putting something on the scale

What is another name for a spring scale?

Newton Scale

Who invented the Newton scale example10N10uf?

isaac newton invented it

How do you measure using Newton Scale?

what do you measure using a scale

What sort of scale is used to measure force?

A [Newton] spring scale, and the type of force measured is newtons. (Sometimes it is called a Newton spring scale because he invented it)

What does a newton scale measure?


What kind of scale measures a newton?

force meter

What instruments did isaac newton use?

a bathroom scale

Fish scale functions?


What instrument do you use to meaure force?

A scale. A newton metre.

What instrument is used for measuring weight?

a scale or a newton meter

What is force measurer?

A force measurer is a mechanism that measures the force applied to something, such as a spring scale or Newton scale

What is 41.2 in Fahrenheit?

41.2 Fahrenheit degrees is: Celsius Scale : 5.11 Kelvin Scale : 278.26 Rankine Scale : 500.87 Réaumur Scale: 6.39 Rømer Scale : 10.18 Delisle Scale: 142.33 Newton Scale : 15.49

What instrument is use in measuring force?

newton Sub-Answer: A spring scale.

How do you use a newton spring scale?

it is used to measure the weight of an object

What instrument measures Newtons?

electrical CalibrationAny kind of force-measuring device, such as . . .-- bathroom scale-- Force Meter-- balance beam-- spring fishing scale-- postage metering scale-- food scalea netometerA Newton meter! It measures forces. Friction, gravity...."Newton" is a unit of force, just like "pound".A bathroom scale does a fine job of measuring them.

Who invented the first mathematical scale for earthquake magnitude?

Sir Isaac Newton.. ...

What is the SI unit for the spring scale?

A Newton (N), the unit for force. One Newton is equivalent to 1kg * m / s^2, or mass * acceleration.

What are the functions of a mercalli scale?

it is used to measure the damage caused by an earthquake as oppose to energy released in the Richter scale

What is a newton meter for?

A newton metre is the SI unit for torque, symbol Nm, and is also technically equivalent to the joule. A newton meter is a term sometimes used to reference a spring scale, which uses a spring and Hooke's law to measure the force exerted in a linear direction. For purposes of avoiding confusion, using the term 'spring scale' is better.

What has the author Joe Newton Harris written?

Joe Newton Harris has written: 'Complexity as a factor of quality and cost in large scale software development' -- subject(s): Management

What is the functions of resistor scale?

OBVIOUSLY a 1 ohms resistor will show as zero for all the higher scale except for the low range

What unit of measurement is used to measure gravity of a spring scale?

The answer is Newtons. Like Sir Isaac Newton

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Despite the rookie pay scale, Cam Newton was able to get a lucrative contract. (Its about football :D )