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Functions of the cardiovascular system are to extract used oxygen from your blood and replace it with fresh oxygen in a given ratio. If the heart is not pumping correctly and returning and extracting this oxygen at the same rate, then that's when fatigue sets in as well as cramping.

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Q: What are the functions of the Cardio Vascular system?
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Heart is in what system?

The cardio-vascular system

The what system includes the heart?

i believe it is the circulatory and the cardio-vascular systems cardiovascular or circulatory

What is the major difference between the vascular system of a human and a starfish?

The major difference between the vascular system of a human and a starfish is that humans have cardio vascular system and starfish have water vascular system.

Which body systems is the heart used by?

Circulatory system

What are the bad effects f long term excersise on the cardiovascular system?

There are no bad effects of long term exercises on your cardio vascular system. On the contrary your cardio vascular system gets strengthened when you are on a proper workout regimen.

Where can you find the red blood cells?

Throughout the cardio-vascular system

How is the repiratory system connected to the other systems of the body?

Via the cardio-vascular system and the nervous system.

What system involves your heart pumping blood through your blood vessels?

cardio vascular system

When was Cardio-Vascular created?

Cardio-Vascular was created on 2009-05-04.

Which system contaings the ventricles?

The left and right ventricles are part of the cardio vascular system. they are part of the heart.

What type of specialist specialises in the circulatory system?

A Cardiologist is the specialist in Cardio vascular diseases

Tissues of the heart?

Are called CARDIO- ; as in cardio-vascular, and cardio-implant.