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they enjoy curry

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Q: What are the habits of Indian elephants?
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What is the eating habits of a indian elephant?

the elephants can eat more than 100 kilogram of leaves and twigs

Do elephants have any habits?

Yes elephants do have habits. They enjoy rolling around in the mud.

What animal comes in the African and Indian varieties?

elephants come in african and indian varieties you can get african elephants and indian elephants.

Are Indian elephants extinct?

Indian elephants are not extinct. There are lots of them. African elephants are also not extinct but there are not as many African elephants as Indian elephants, as a result of ivory poachers and reduced habitat.

Which has larger ears African elephants or Indian elephants?

African elephants have bigger ears than Indian elephants. Coincidentally, African elephants' ears resemble the continent of Africa, and Indian elephants' ears resemble the country of India.

What are two speicies of elephants?

Asian Elephants(my favourite), Indian Elephants, African Elephants,

Where Can You Get An Elephant?

You get African Elephants and Indian Elephants. African Elephants can be found in Africa. Indian Elephants can be found in India. You might try your local zoo.

Where are Indian elephants born?

wherever male and female Indian elephants are allowed to get together.

Why do people have elephants at an Indian wedding?

People have elephants at Indian weddings. It is because they like it.

What are Indian elephants usesd for?

Indian elephants are used for transport or maybe even food

Are African elephants larger than Indian elephant?

Yes, African Elephants are generally larger than Indian Elephants.

Do African elephants have longer ears the Indian elephants?


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