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Centaurs were half man and half horse.

Minotaurs were half man and half bull.

Satyrs were half man and half goat.

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Demi-gods, or half-bloods.

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Q: What are the half man half creatures?
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An imaginary sea creatures which i is half man and half fish?

A Mermaid

What creatures are half man and half horse and have four legs greek mythology?

They are centaurs.

What is Half man half horse with one eye called?

Actually, these are characteristics of two different creatures. Centaurs were half man, half horse creatures. Cyclopes had only one eye, right in the middle of their foreheads.

Is there a single name for half human creatures?

There is no single name but most half human creatures names would consist of "were" meaning man and the animal or creature for example werewolf means man wolf.

Do Gargoyles have nipples?

Yes gargoyles do have nipples because they are half man, half a distorted creatures and need them.

What is a satyrs?

A kind of a Forest God or Woodland deities. It can also be used for a man with strong sexual desires.

What do you call half man half dog?

Not possible at all. No way Answer 2: The dogheador cynocephaly phenomenon is a widespread legend involving creatures with human bodies and the heads of dogs.

Who is Silenus in Greek Mythology?

Silenus statues are statues of creatures that followed the god Dionysus (god of parties and wine). These creatures are called satyrs, half goat half man. Got it from Percy Jackson lol

What is century and century?

Century is a time period of 100 years (stemming from the Latin cent meaning 100). Centuary is of or pertaining to Centaurs the mythical creatures (half man, half horse).

Were the Aztecs scared of horses?

They were intimidated, to say the least.Many Aztecs thought horses to be creatures half man, half horse, as they had never seen anybody ride an animal like a horse before.