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Catherin is stupid

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What symbiotic relationship benefits one organism and harms another?

A symbiotic relationship that benefits one organism and harms another is called parasitism.

What are the economic and social benefits of petrochemical industry?

What are the benefits and harms petrochemical industry?

What are the benefits and harms of inertia?

What is inertia and what is it's benefit

What are the benefits of fluoride?

none it actually harms your teeth and is a accumulative poison and weakens the bones

What are the three benefits and three harms that the chemical properties of water can have to mankind and the natural world?

The three benefits are: hydration, use water to eat, and photothinisis. The three harms of those are: dehydration for hydration, no water to use when eating, and use to breath for photothinisis.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bribery?

Weakness Governance, Harms Economy and perpetuates Corruption

Why are humans dangerous?

humans are the most dangerous animal on earth because other animals can cause only physical harms but humans can cause emotional, mental and physical harms for their selfish benefits

Are there any benefits to animal testing?

no. not really! it just kills and harms thousands of innocent animals each year

What is a kingdom?

animalia protista

What is parasitism with an squirrell?

It is a symbotic relationship in which one organism lives in or on another organism(the host) and consequently harms the squirrell while it benefits from it.

What domain is protista in?

Protista is in the Eukarya domain.

Do protista have a nucleus?

yes, protista have a nucleus.

Do protista have a flagella?

Yes, protista do have flagella.

What are the benefits and harm that the CHEMICAL properties of water can have to mankind in the natural world?

the three benefits are hydration, use water to eat, and photothisis. The three harms are dehydration, no water to eat, and photothisis to use to breath.

How do protista reproduce?

A Protista reproduces by splitting in half.

What is the locomotory organ of protista?

Locomotory organ of protista

Does protista have mitochondria?

Protista are type of eukariyotes.So they have mitochondria.

What are the general characteristics of protista?

what are the general characteristics of protista

Number of cells in protista?

Generally, but not always, protista are unicellular.

Which is the largest group of the Kingdom protista?

protista politiko that is the best answer

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