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Torque Sequence 1993 3.8 Cougar; Looking at Engine from front of car the lower bolts are 7 3 1 5 upper bolts are 8 4 2 6. Step 1; Torque in Sequence to 37 FT./ LBS Step 2;Torque in Seq. To 45 FT./LBS. Step 3; Torque in Seq. To 52 FT,/LBS. Step4; Torque in Seq. To 59 FT./LBS. Step 5; Back off all bolts in Torque Sequence 2-3 turns. Step 6; Retorque all Bolts in Sequence 11-18 FT/LBS. Step7; Rotate Long Bolts 85-105 Degrees, Short Bolts 65-85 Degrees in Sequence. Recheck final Torque in Sequence. When replacing Head Gasket Besure To Replace all Head Bolts. Hope I Have Helped -u-. "Odie"

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โˆ™ 2005-10-28 01:42:19
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Q: What are the head bolt specs for 93 38 mercury cougar?
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