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It cost about $65.95 but that is weird.

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Q: What are the home heating oil prices in Connecticut?
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What are home heating oil prices in Fairfield county in Connecticut?

probably around $4.25 per gallon

What is the average price of home heating oil in Long Island NY?

Currently the price for home heating oil in Long Island is $3.19 at Morania Oil Express. This Long Island home heating oil company offers competitive Long Island heating oil prices and specialize in quick and easy Long Island oil delivery. The prices are posted daily here:

Where can one find home heating oil?

Home heating oil can be purchased through a home heating oil company. To find home heating oil, find a local home heating oil in your area and contact them to find out more information on purchasing home heating oil.

What did you pay for home heating oil?

The price of home heating oil depends greatly on location and oil speculation. I would recommend checking online for local oil delivery companies. Many of these company's websites will be able to provide you with an online price quote so you can easily compare prices to find the cheapest heating oil available to you. Prices may be more expensive if you have to request an emergency heating oil delivery.

What kind of oil is used for home heating oil?

Home heating oil is a liquid petroleum product with a low viscosity that is used in furnaces to supply heat to the home. In the United States, home heating oil is known as "No. 2 heating oil".

What is to days price for home heating oil?

What is the price for home heating oil on oct. 15,2014

What are the prices for home heating oil?

The price of residential heating oil largely depends on the current supply and demand of crude oil. The best way to obtain the current home heating oil cost is to visit your local fuel oil distributor's website and get a quote. You should also be able to obtain a quote for an emergency heating oil delivery should you need replenishment on short notice.

What are some options for cheap heating oil?

There are many options for cheap heating oil. Some of these cheap options include Slomin's Home Heating Oil, Global Home Heating Oil, and CrockettFuel.

Why isn't oil used for heating?

Actually, oil can and is in fact used for heating purposes. There are many home heating companies out therethat allow you to purchase oil as an alternative to heating your home.

Does oil freeze?

Yes oil does freeze but home heating oil does not but the home heating oil starts to gel at 32 degrees F

Are there any cheap oil heating companies?

I am very sorry to say there are no "cheap" oil heating companies. Heating oil prices go according to the barrel prices and have been rising steadily. I would recommend using a wood stove or pellet stove to save on heating bills.

Can you mix kerosene and home heating oil in an oil furnace?

Kerosene and home heating oil can be mixed in a oil furnace. Kerosene is thinner than heating oil. Mixed together will make the furnace burn cleaner.

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