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Houses are built of many materials, wood, mud, straw, paper, plastic, brick, metal, concrete, glass, stone etc. Sometimes in combinations of these

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What were medieval houses made from?

medieval houses were made from wood

What are houses made of in Canada?

The houses are made of bricks and concrete.

What is Navajo houses made of?

houses are made of adobe and sand.

What are the Italy houses made out of?

what are houses made out os in italy

What were the Indians houses made out of?

What were the cherokee Indians houses made of

If red houses are made of red bricks and blue houses are made of blue bricks what are green houses made of?


What are the houses in Ecuador made of?

Houses in Ecuador are mostly made of cement or concrete. Some houses there are made of mud. if you ever go there you'll mostly see houses made of concrete. :D

What soils and rocks are houses made of?

is houses made of rok or soil

What were Mayan houses made of?

The Mayans houses were made out of stone or wood

What are medeival peasants houses made of?

Peasant houses are made of humbugs

Houses in Spain are made of what material?

houses in Spain are made of what materials

What were ojibwa houses made of?

The Ojibwa's houses were made out of tree bark.

What are Romanian houses made of?

Today the houses are made from concrete or bricks.

What are catal huyuk houses made out of?

what are catal huyuk houses made of

What are the differences between a rural and urban house?

rural houses are kaccha houses made out of mud.urban houses are pukka houses made out of cement

What are Australian houses made of?

Houses in Australia are generally made of steel, timber, bricks or stone. Some older houses are made of fibro.

What are German houses made from?

The most of the houses are made of brigs. Nowadays they can be made of wood or concrete.

What are houses made of in Bangladesh?

mud houses

How did Romans build their houses?

they made their houses

How were Iroquois houses made?

longhouses not houses

What are Kenyan houses made out of?

they are made out of sticks and mud to keep there houses together.

What are Madagascar's houses made out?

The houses in Madagascar are made out of Mud,logs, and grass

What are houses made of in Brazil?

Houses in Brazil are usually made of bricks and wood.

Types of houses in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has many of the same type of houses that any other country has. There are apartments, houses made of brick, houses made of wood, and houses made of stone. There are also impoverished areas of Sri Lanka where the people live in ramshackle houses made of anything they can find.

What were greek houses made of?

Greek houses were made of clay tiles. The walls were made of mud bricks.

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