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What are the human uses of deserts?

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Human uses of deserts?

Human uses of deserts are where people go to have alone time and maybe to learn some new things. E.g. things you can only learn about when you are 18+.They can also be used for discovering how animals survive the sharp whether and is a place for joy and amusement.!There are lots of different uses of the Desert, like Farming, Tourism, Photography and Learning (School).

Why are deserts important to human life?

There are actually quite a few reasons why deserts are important to human life. These deserts hold many of the animals that humans rely on in them for example.

Human impact on desert biomes?

the impact that humans have on the deserts by changing/destroying the deserts.

Are the deserts growing?

Yes, due to climate change and human activities, some deserts are growing.

What is the human life in hot deserts?

The human life the life here is very difficult .

Is deserts are natural phenomena or can dsesert be a result of human activities?

Deserts are a natural phenomena but human activity, such as over grazing and improper farming practices, can cause a desert to expand.

What the places on earth that is difficult for human to live on?

deserts ,mines and submarines

How do deserts affect human systems?

It makes it harder for humans to travel.

What are the deserts in Haiti and what are their names?

Haiti has no deserts although there are vast areas of deforested land that resembles desert today, thanks to human activities.

Types of human activities in hot deserts?

One of them I know is the San art culture which is seen throughout the whole Kalahari deserts. -S.A.O.P.L.E

What are the ratings and certificates for Human Planet - 2011 Deserts Life in the Furnace 1-2?

Human Planet - 2011 Deserts Life in the Furnace 1-2 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Uses of plasma light in human health?

The human eyes

Are deserts a natural or cultural?

actually one cant tell coz most of deserts are caused by human activities;cutting trees. still others are caused by natural disasters;floods however most of the world deserts are Natural

What is the role of human in expansion of deserts?

Humans use poor farming practices as well as overgrazing of livestock cause grasslands to turn into deserts through the process of desertification.

What is the human uses in Australia?


What complex machine uses primarily human force to operate the simple machines within it?

When a human uses a complex machine it helps him or her.

What are the human and physical characteristics of Latin America and North America?

Human- Inuit and Mestizo Physical- Mountains, rivers, plains, deserts, etc.

What action uses the most muscles in the human body?

Smiling uses 17 but frowning uses 42

Which is in danger of becoming a semiarid desert?

Deserts are arid, nor semiarid. Semiarid regions are usually grasslands or steppe. The danger is that human abuse of these regions will turn them into true deserts.

How will deserts change in the future?

There is not a known answer but the deserts of the world are being threatened by human exploitation and climate change. This could cause to wipe out many unique habitats and rare species.

What ecosystem has at least changed by human forest grassland or deserts and why?

Dessertsbecause hardly anyone lives there

What major areas are almost completely void of human life in Africa?

The Sahara and Kalahari deserts.

What is the effect of ethyl oleate in human body and what are its benefits and uses in the environment?

What is the effect of ethyl oleate in human body and what are its benefits and uses in the environment?

Are there deserts in Massachusetts?

There are no deserts in Massachusettes.There are no deserts in Massachusetts.

What word can you form the letters in the word dessert?

Deserts is the anagram of dessert. It uses all of the letters in the word dessert.