Global Warming

What are the implications of global warming for Mauritius?

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Is Mauritius to be blamed for global warming?


Global warming in Mauritius?

Global Warming is evident anywhere in the world. In Mauritius, there are sea level rises, temperature extremes, and more extreme cyclones

What are the implications of global warming in the Caribbean?

Global warming does exist and if you want some scenarios then there could be hurricanes, and rising sea levels that threaten the Carribbean

What is global warming warming?

The warming caused by Global Warming.

What are misconceptions about global warming?

Global warming is not important.Global warming isn't happening.Global warming is happening but it's not our fault.Global warming is happening but we can't do anything about it.Scientists are not sure about global warming.

What are the effects of Global Warming on Mauritius?

The effects of global warming and climate change will have a serious effect on Mauritius. The warming of the Indian Ocean will bleach and kill the coral reefs located around the island. The coral reefs are one of the tourist attractions of Mauritius. There is also the likelihood of increased flooding of low-lying parts of the country, especially around Grand Baie. See this 60 Minutes report on the Maldives, a similar Indian Ocean country, at the link below.

What are the implications of the release of methane gas from Arctic sea?

This is one of the feedback loops of global warming. Global warming melts the ice and oceans. This releases methane (CH4) hydrates from the bottom of the ocean. The methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that in turn causes more global warming. So more methane melts, and so on.

Is global warming a pollution?

Global warming in itself isn't pollution - global warming is the gradual warming of the earth. However, global warming was caused by carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere, but global warming in itself isn't a pollution. yes it is a pollution

What is the scientific name for global warming?

global warming

Global warming in Malayalam language?

global warming

What is Global Warming and is it real?

global warming is real

What layer is a concern for global warming?

The troposphere is warming because of global warming.

What are people who don't believe in global warming called?

Global warming skeptics (or sceptics)Global warming deniers.

Is it 'global warming' or 'global warning'?

Global Warming.

How is global warming affecting the air?

Global warming is warming the air. It is also warming the land and the oceans.

Why does global warming decrease temperatures?

True global warming does not decrease temperatures. So, either the model for global warming's effects is hokus-pokus, or global warming as presently claimed, does not exist. Some global warming followers will have you believe that global warming makes the weather "act crazy". If true, then it is not really global warming, is it.

Is global warming occurring or not?

Yes, global warming is occurring.

Why is global warming not cool?

Because global warming is hot!

Why do you hate global warming?

you cant hate global warming?!

What to put on a pamphlet on global warming?

'Help.. global warming.'

Does a hurricane cause global warming?

Hurricanes do not cause global warming, but the severity and frequency of hurricanes can be increased by global warming.

How do ice glaciers in Antarctica cause global warming?

Ice does not cause global warming -- it melts because of global warming.

What are some similarities between global warming and glaciers?

Global warming and glaciers are interconnected. With global warming, the glaciers melt.

Why earth have a global warming?

There is no such thing as "a global warming" global warming only happens to earth because human and our unruly decrease in the earths resources. HUMANS cause global warming.

Why can global temperature affect global warming?

The more global temperature rises, the more we have global warming.