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read the lab manual...

low pressure, distribution of gas between various layers is assumed to be constant

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Assumptions of liberalism theory of international relations?


Compare the assumptions Theory X makes about workers with those of Theory Y How do these different assumptions influence management styles?

The assumption that Theory X and Theory Y about workers influences management styles. The assumptions of these two theories differ from employee motivation as well as satisfying employees' needs.

What are the basic assumptions of the strength design theory?


What theory has some basic assumptions are human behavior is constitutionally or genetically determined?

gene theory

What is theory of strategy?


Which is a set of commonly accepted scientific ideas and assumptions?


State the basic assumptions of daltons atomic theory?

Proton,neutron and electron

An ideal gas is a hypothetical gas?

That conforms to all of the assumptions of the kinetic theory.

An ideal gas is an imaginary gas?

That conforms to all of the assumptions of the kinetic theory

When is an ideal gas an imaginary gas?

When it conforms to all assumptions of kinetic theory

What are three assumptions of the cell theory?

The three assumptions of cell theory are 1: All cells form from other cells 2: A cell is the basic unit of life 3: All organisms are mad up of cells

Which of the following is a Theory X assumption?

The assumptions of a Theory X worker is that they are;lazydislike responsibilityresistant to changelack ambition

ORganized system of assumptions and principles that purports to explain a specified set of phenomena?


What assumptions does the kinetic-molecular theory make about the nature of a gas?

Read your book!

What is the definition of normal science?

Refers to the routine work of scientists experimenting with an established theory without attempting to challenge the underlying assumptions of that theory.

Describe McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y assumptions about workers?

Theory X is a group of ideas created by Douglas McGreggor in the 1960's. It deals with human motivations. He also discussed theory

What are the 3 basic assumptions of the kinetic theory relating to gases?

the answer would be a stanky dirty hoebag

What are the three assumptions of Kinetic Theory?

Kinetic energy is the energy produced or exerted by an object in motion. The three assumptions are, that there is matter (the object exists), it is moving (in motion), and it is producing or exerting energy.

Define Power Transition Theory?

power transition theory base on two assumptions, one is the relative power, the dominating power which owns the most capital and resources

What made Einstein make the theory e equals mc2?

E=Mc2 is not a theory, it is a simple units conversion equation that just falls out of the assumptions of special relativity.

How do you avoid making assumptions in thinking?

It is important that you realize that you cannot avoid relying on some assumptions. For instance, there are a few assumptions basic to all methods of rational inquiry:- That there exists an objective reality outside and independent of our perceptions;- That our senses provide us with more or less consistent data about this reality, even if this data isn't always comprehensive or accurate.- That this reality is ultimately comprehensible, that it can be understood by the human intellect.The most important thing in critical thinking is not to avoid assumptions, but to recognize which assumptions you hold, and to test those assumptions if possible.

Explain baumol's theory of sales revenue maximization along with its assumptions?

Baulmoli theory implies the lower the price the higher the profit outcome. It is the maximization of sales as oppose to profit.

What is the modern theory of international trade?

The modern theory of international trade works on assumptions of the law of comparative advantage. The comparative advantage arises as a result of differences in the various regions.

What culture did the Romans win their freedom from in 509 BC?

According to the fashionable theory the Etruscans conquered Rome. This theory has been challenged. The evidence is flimsy, and it is based on unproven assumptions.

Basic assumptions of the kinetic theory of matter?

The Kinetic Theory applies to gasses, and describes it as a number of particles, all in constant, random motion. This theory is then used to explain gasses' physical properties, like pressure and volume.