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What are the income requirements to be approved for Section 8?


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The income requirements will vary based on where you live. Contact the local agency or agencies that administers the program. Usually there are additional requirements beyond just income. Examples are being disabled, homeless, spending more than 50% of income on housing. Those will vary also. There are usually long waiting lists for Section 8 vouchers, but you might be able to apply for the waiting list even if you do not meet the requirements at this time.


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Section 8 eligibility is determined by income and family size.

The income requirements vary by individuals and families. To find out if you qualify, visit www.hud.gov.

What amount of income a person needs for section 8 will depend wholly on their location and family size. Some people may be approved for section 8 with an income of $20,000 a year, while others won't.

In order to live in section 8 housing, a person must make a substantially low amount of income. There are different sections of section 8 housing including: extremely low income, very low income, and low income. A certain percentage of income is required for each level of section 8 apartments.

The requirements for section 8 housing include income, if you are spending more than 50% on your current housing, disability status and whether or not you are homeless. Apply online at www.section8programs.com.

If your income falls below 50% of the median income in the area in which you live then you may qualify for Section 8 housing assistance. To apply, visit the nearest HUD office to you.

Whether you are a hair stylist is neither hair nor there. When you apply for section 8 housing you are required to submit proof of income. Generally an income tax return is considered proof of income. In addition you will be required to submit bank statements, the information of which should match your yearly income as reported on your income tax return. That being said, the answer is yes, if you meet low income requirements and other requirements to be on section 8 housing.

Section 8 requires that one makes below a set income. Section 8 provides a clean, safe living environment for low income families. To apply for this program, one must contact their Public Housing Authority with proof of being a low income home.

You must apply through a certified agent with all your income statement ready

You can check with your local housing authority to see what their requirements are in qualifying for Section 8. It is based on how many members are in the household and what the household income is.

Low income senior housing is much the same as traditional section 8, but the income requirements may sometimes be set a little bit higher. You also must be over a certain age to qualify for low income senior housing. Section 8 housing is available to anyone who qualifies based on their income. Senior low income housing is only available to seniors with low income.

Every Housing Authority has its own rules, approved by HUD, on eligibility requirements.

No, qualification for section 8 depends on income.

There are different types of Section 8 assistance. Some of them charge rent that is affordable to low-income people. You must be able to demonstrate that you have enough income to cover the rent, regardless of the source of your income (employment, SSI, Social Security, child support, etc.) Some Section 8 programs are based on 30% of your income, regardless of how much your income is. So the answer is that yes, you can receive Section 8 without a job. Check with your local housing authority to find out how to apply or the eligibility requirements, or go to HUD's website (www.hud.gov) for a list of privately owned apartment complexes subsidized by Section 8.

www.hud.gov will help you find out if you qualify for secion 8 housing in New Jersey, and if so, what you need to do in order to apply.

No, qualification for section 8 is different, and uses a different income threshold plus an asset test.

For your apartment to qualify for section 8 apartments in the State of Vermont, the tenant must have some sort of disability, or must be elderly. People with low income can also qualify.

what largest income disqualify my section 8 voucher

Yes. There are few exclusions to income for section 8 housing purposes. Consult the section 8 information booklet for your state for more information.

It all depends on what you can afford. Typically the low income apartments take section 8 so they are just about the same. Section 8 will assist you in paying your rent whereas low income housing will just have lower priced rent.

The cost for section 8 housing costs depend on your income. Generally low income individuals are required to pay 30% of income toward section 8 housing costs. Section 8 is a federal program and you must qualify for the program.

Income requirement limits vary by state for eligibility. Open the following site and click on your state for the correct limits: www.huduser.org/datasets/il/il09/index.html.

Section 8 payments that are not taxable income, and are not reported on your tax return. However, if you are applying for things such as Pell Grant, then you would next your Section 8 benefits information to claim on the FAFSA.

Does Canada have low income housing.

Unfortunately, due to the Economy, there is currently no Section 8 housing being approved in NYC. However, the New York City Housing Authority can help you to find public housing if you fall below established income requirements. You can learn more at their website: http://www.nyc.gov/html/nycha/html/assistance/app_for_pubhsg.shtml.

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