What are the ingredients in cake mix?


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What it says on the packet of the cake mix usually.

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just read the ingredients on the back of the cookie mix and cake mix and you will find out the answer there

Half all the ingredients?

The mixture of ingredients is on the cake mix box.

To make your own cake mix just combine the dry ingredients from your recipe and put them in an airtight container. Then when you want to make the cake add the wet ingredients and mix and bake.

A cake mix is a powdered mixture of dry ingredients used to produce a cake, or to produce the finished mixture before baking a cake.

A bowl, a whisk, a cake mix and an arm

a mixture because you mix the ingredients to get the cake batter

An angel food cake mix cannot be made into a regular cake. Angel food cake mix does not contain the necessary fat and other ingredients required in a regular cake.

You can mix by hand, whisks or blenders. The recipe might tell you correct way to blend/mix the ingredients also.

you can't really because the leavening agents or ingredients that make the cake mix rise will not work.

No, adding additional leavening would not improve an out-dated cake mix. The old ingredients in the mix might be stale or rancid.

Their are many people who eat only eggless cake. So I would like to share the ingredients which can help you prepare the cake mix without adding egg to it. Mix the following ingredients if you are looking to prepare eggless cake:- Vinegar, Vanilla and Applesauce and then water, mix all this till it becomes consistent batter.

I think you mean "cake batter". And it is the wet mix of all of the combined ingredients that will then be poured into a cake pan to be baked.

White cake mix cannot be substituted directly for angel food cake mix. The two products have different ingredients that produce different types of cakes. However, if it is only important to have a white cake, and an angel food cake is not specifically required, then you could bake a white cake with a white cake mix instead of trying to make an angel food cake.

If you threw the ingredients out for the packet cake mix, you don't have a cake to make. Normally, packet cake mixes don't come with mix-it-yourself icing -- but if it did, and you did throw it out, try making a basic buttercream frosting. Go to or and look up one that you like.

Grab all your neccasary ingredients, blend your liquids, oil and eggs.Dump in your dry cake mix and blend it up!These things make your job much faster. :)

Yes, it's a chemical change. When you mix the ingredients, you can't take out the ingredients again.

Yellow cake mix, butter, eggs and chocolate chip

Usually you look at the cake mix box or the calories of all the ingredients and add them up

You replace a cake mix by making the cake from scratch. Any cake recipe from a cook book or found online will tell you how much flour, sugar, baking powder or baking soda, salt and other ingredients to use.

It would not be easy to make a chocolate cake mix more like brownies because the mix already contains more flour, baking powder and other ingredients to make it rise and have the texture of cake.

Air bubbles were mixed into the batter when all of the ingredients were being put together.

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