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To write = scribere.

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Q: What are the latin words for to write?
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How do you write and in Latin?

et, ac, itaque (adv.), atque ARE THE WORDS USED IN LATIN FOR "AND".......

How do you write family in latin?

Latin words meaning family are familia, domus, genus, cognatio, gens.

How do you write It is what it is in Latin typography?

How do you write It is what it is in Latin typography?

The term transcription comes from the latin root words for?

tran-across scribo-I WRITE

What is the greek or latin root word for write?

The Latin word for 'to write' is 'scribo, scribere'. We get the words 'scribe' and 'scribble' from it.The Greek word for "I write" is γράφω-grapho. Hence biography, calligraphy, graph...etc...

How did Roman language and writing influence us today?

Because some people can write Latin and it helps us still speak Latin words sometimes. Large numbers of word in English are derived from Latin words or from Latin roots.

What is the root word that means write?

Latin: Scribere = to write (gives us the root word Scrib-)I hope I understood the question correctly: you're not looking for the root word of "write"; I understand that you're looking for the root word that means write?There are other related Latin words (scriptura) that give us similar words in English (words that have the root Script-)

What is the latin root for manuscript?

Manuscript derives from two Latin words: manu = by hand (manus = hand) scriptus = written (scribo = I write)

How do you write romes language?

Since Rome's language was Latin, you would have to write in Latin.

How do you write the number five in latin?

In the Latin language, to write 5 you put 'V'

How do you write Donum Dei in Latin?

You write Donum Dei. It's already Latin.

How do you write 'denarius' in latin?

You write denario.

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