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Age of Consent & Underage Relationships

What are the laws regarding underage marriage in Ontario Canada?

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How do you get to Ontario from Canada?

Ontario is a province in Canada.

Is it illegal to smoke underage in Canada?


What is the population of Ontario Canada?

13,150,000 is the population of Ontario, Canada.

Is Ontario a province of Canada?

Yes, Ontario is a province of Canada.

What is country code for Ontario Canada?

ontario burlington canada

Is ontario in Canada?

Yes there is a province in canada named ontario.

How many miles from Toronto to Ontario in Canada by road?

Ontario is a Province in Canada. Toronto is a city in the Province of Canada. When you are in Toronto you are in Ontario.

Which is bigger Ontario Canada or California in land area?

Ontario Canada

Who are Caregivers Recruitment in Ontario Canada?

Who are the caregiver recruiter in Ontario, Canada

How is far from Ontario Canada to Toronto Canada?

toronto is in in ontario dumba$$

Is Ontario the capital of Canada?

Ontario is a province, not a city. Ottawa is the capital of Canada, which is located in southern Ontario.

What is the distance from Ontario Canada to Toronto Canada?

Toronto is IN Ontario genius.Ontario is a province Toronto is a city in Ontario.

Where in Ontario Canada Ottawa phaloplasty is practice?

The Ontario Canada Ottawa phaloplasty is practiced within Ontario.

What are the Ontario Hockey League teams?

Eastern Conference (with city, province, and country in parenthesis):Barrie Colts (Barrie, Ontario, Canada)Belleville Bulls (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)Kingston Frontenacs (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)Mississauga Steelheads (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)Niagara IceDogs (St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada)North Bay Battalion (North Bay, Ontario, Canada)Oshawa Generals (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)Ottawa 67's (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)Peterborough Petes (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)Sudbury Wolves (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)Western Conference (city, province/state, country):Erie Otters (Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)Guelph Storm (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)Kitchener Rangers (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)London Knights (London, Ontario, Canada)Owen Sound Attack (Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada)Plymouth Whalers (Plymouth Charter Township, Michigan, USA)Saginaw Spirit (Saginaw, Michigan, USA)Sarnia Sting (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada)Windsor Spitfires (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)For more information, visit the related links below.

Where is Avril Lavigne from?

Napanee, Ontario, Canada.She was born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, but moved to Napanee, Ontario, Canada when she was five years old.

Driving time from Ontario Canada to Toronto Canada?

The driving time is zero. Toronto is a city in the Province of Ontario, and Ontario is a province of Canada.

Is same-sex marriage legal in Ontario?

Yes, Ontario was the first province to legalize same-sex marriage on 2003 June 10, when a court ruled that restricting marriage to heterosexual relationships was a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Same-sex marriage was later legalized across Canada with the passage of the civil marriage act on 2005 July 20.

Is there a country in Canada that is called Ontario?

Yes, Ontario also goes by the name Canada. They have a saying What is good for Ontario is good for Canada. Outside of Ontario we think of them as a province, one of 10.

What is the distance from windsor Ontario Canada to zurich Ontario Canada?

122 miles

How far from London Ontario Canada to Northbay Ontario Canada?

It is 509 km.

What is the distance between London Ontario Canada and Crediton Ontario Canada?


Are there any gangs in Ontario Canada?

Yes there are many gangs in Ontario Canada

Where is Wilfrid Laurier University located?

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada is home of the Wilfrid Laurier University. There are also a few other campuses located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Brantford, Ontario, Canada, and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Does Canada and Ontario have different flags?

Ontario is not a country but is a province of Canada. Yes, they have different flags but since Ontario is in Canada, Ontario also uses the Canadian flag. Each province and Territory of Canada has it's own flag.

Is Ontario a mountain?

No, Ontario is a province in Canada.