What are the lyrics for charlie the unicorn 3?

When you're feeling all alone,
The world's a drone,
And nobody's shown
Any love to you!

(I can't tell if you're adorable or creepy.)

When your heart is cold as stone,
Just change your tone,
Get rid of that groan
And the world will, too!

(Probably gonna go with creepy)

'Cause Swordfishes- 'Love you!'
Jellyfishes- 'Love you'
Starfish-- 'I love you!'
You know it's true!

Catfishes- 'love you'
Cuttlefishes- 'Love you'
Blowfish-- "Starfish really loves you!!!"
In the ocean blue!


Lungfish, Blackfish, Alligator, Icefish,
Armorhead, Hammerhead, Anaconda, Flathead,
Manta Ray, Sting Ray, Fangtooth Moray,
Goblin Shark, Grass Carp, Round River Bat Ray!

Noodle Fish, Hagfish, Man O' War, Ladyfish,
Black Eel, Baby Seal, Sprat, Koi, Electric Eel,
Lamp Ray, Pejerey, Yellow-Edged Moray,
Salmon Shark, Sleeper Shark, Feather Back, and Eagle Ray!


Well, you can ignore this plea,
That's fine with me!
But one day you'll see
That my worlds are true!

(Please stop singing to me!)

But if,

You find that you agree,
I guarantee
That you will soon be
Feeling the love, too!

(I can't wait...)

'Cause Swordfishes- 'love you,'
Jellyfishes- 'Love you,'
You know it's true!

Catfishes- 'love you,'
Cuttlefishes- 'Love you,'
Blowfish-- 'Starfish! Love me! love me!!!'
In the ocean BLUE!!!