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Q: What are the lyrics to the song George Jones sang called The Door?
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When was The Door - George Jones song - created?

The Door - George Jones song - was created in 1974-10.

Song about walking out the door country?

George Jones - The Door

Where can i find the music hall lyrics for who's knocking at my door?

you can find these lyrics at just type in lyrics for who's knocking at my door and they should pop up

What song has the lyrics ah oh ah?

Okay, the song is called "I can Talk" By two door cinema club.

He stopped loving her today means what does this song by george Jones mean?

It means that he died. "They hung the wreath on the door." He loved her until the day he died.

What song contains the lyrics to you and you and you?

Kick In The Door - The Notorious B.I.G.

Who wrote the lyrics for girl next door?

Drake Parker

What is a door called a door?

a door

Do you know of an old print by George Morland called 'The Squire's Door' that does not have the horses and man in background?

yes - I have one

What song contains the lyrics you you'll get your way so for today just leave your cares at the door I believe Sia was singing it but she might have been with another group And where can I find it?

It's called Cares at the Door by Sia

Where can one find a collection of Evanescence lyrics?

A collection of lyrics for Evenescence songs can be found at AZ Lyrics. Lyrics for the Albums Origin, Fallen, Anywhere But Home, The Open Door, Evanescence and other songs.

When was the mailbox invented?

The mailbox was invented in 1892 by George E. Becket. It was called a house door letter box at that time.

What artist performs the song containing the lyrics shut the door?

Paul McCartney

What is a tap on a door called?

Tapping on a door or a window is called gcoinnkk

What is Santa's door called?


What is door stopper called?

A door stopper

What is a window in a door called?

screen door

What is the door of an aircraft called?

Door or hatch

What is the door to a spaceship called?

spaceship door

Where can someone find the lyrics to the song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'?

One can find the lyrics to the song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' online. Some of the useful websites are Lyrics Freak, Metro Lyrics and Digital Dream Door.

Who was buried right next door to George Washington's tomb?

George Washington's slaves :)

What is the big door of a castle called?

The big door of a castle is called a drawbridge

The side post of a door is called?

what is the side post of a door frame called

Where can I find a garage door opener repairman in my area?

You can go to Jones Garage Service, or United Garage Door Service.

How many locks does George Carlin HAVE his door?