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peak lets sun-jo reach the peak of Everest first so he can be the youngest person to get to the top of Everest and have enough money to pay for school for him and his siters

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The theme is that family and friends always come first. Also to keep on going and following your goal .In this case the peak of Mt . Everest.

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Q: What are the main events in the book Peak?
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In the book "Peak" by Roland Smith, the main character Peak Marcello sustains a broken arm and a concussion while attempting to climb a skyscraper in New York City. These injuries impact his ability to pursue his passion for mountain climbing.

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The main conflict in the book "Peak" by Roland Smith is between the protagonist, Peak Marcello, and his inner struggles of identity, growing up, and facing the challenges of climbing Mount Everest. Additionally, there is conflict between Peak and his father, who pushes him to achieve success in climbing at the expense of his personal well-being.

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