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1. The flower blossoms contain the reproductive parts of a plant. 1a. The two small yellow sacs in the center of the blossom are called anthers. They contain a fine powdery pollen. The pistil is the female part of the plant. It's sticky end collects the pollen and sends it down to the ovary. 2. This bud will develop and become a blossom. 3. Bloom stalk contains peduncle, pedicel, and cluster of blossoms growing on one stem as a unit. It appears from the juncture of the main stem and the petiole. 4. Petiole stem that connects leaf blade to the main center stem. 5. Suckers in the diagram to the right shows where crowns form between the stems. These are encouraged on trailing (multiple crown) varieties. Remove any suckers on single crowned plant varieties. (Sucker's can be rooted in soil for an additional plantlet) 6. Developing seed pod resulting from fertilization of eggs in an ovary located at the base of the pistil. 7. Spent blossom this is an old flower that has wilted. I have placed a PDF file in the related links, this has all the information for you.

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Q: What are the main parts of the African violet?
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A miniature violet is recognized by the African violet association to measure not larger than 6 inches in diameter.

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The significance of an African violet is they make a nice hobby for a person. They signify beauty and sweetness.

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'Saintpaulia' is the basic, genus name for all African violets. If the gardener doesn't know the exact kind of African violet, then the scientific, Latin or binomial name properly is written as 'Saintpaulia spp', with 'spp'meaning 'species'. But an example of a properly named African violet is 'Saintpaulia ionantha'. The word 'ionantha'means 'violet-like'. It's the name that was given to the very first African violet that came to the attention of Europeans, in 1892.

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No, an African violet is not a monocot. Monocot types are: Orchids, iris, and daffodil's. Please look at the related link below.

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