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What is the main agricultural products of turkey?


What are the main products of Belgium?

the main products are potatoes. (:

What are Montana's main products?

you can find the montana's main products from

Which companies produced the most turkey products in 2003?

the industry is led by Cargill Turkey Products, which produced about 1.21 billion pounds live weight in 2003. A close second, the Jennie-O Turkey Store

The main products of Maine?

The main products of Maine are blueberries, potatoes, maple syrup, and wood products.

Can Muslims eat turkey bacon?

Turkey bacon typically does not contain any pork products however Muslims will not eat meat that is not certified Halal. Halal turkey bacon products are available at certain specialist butchers.

Why is it a tradition to have a turkey at thanksgiving?

because the turkey was the main food source back then

What are the chief products of Turkey?

olives and cotton and tobacco

What is the main festival in turkey?


What is the main import of Turkey?


What are the main occupations in Turkey?


The main products of marin county?

The main products are beef and cheese. i think....

What was New Hampshire's main products and industry?

New Hampshire's main products and industry were fishing, farming and making ships. These were the main economic products which they exported.

What is the main Thanksgiving meal?

TURKEY!!!!!!! It's turkey, along with mashed potatoes but Turkey takes over the dinner table.

What are the main products of Egypt?

Many producTS

What is Australia's main products?

its main products are cotton,wood opals, gold,and beef

What are the two main products of photosynthesis?

The 2 main products of Photosythesis are Glucose and oxygen.

What are some of the main products of Norway?

Norways main products are: oil, fish and tourism.

Which stores carry butterball turkey products?

Walmart, and Publix.

What is the religion in Turkey?

the main religion is Islam

What are the main geographic features of Turkey?

a peninsula

What is the main river in Turkey?

Ceyan River

What is the main course at Thanksgiving supper?

It is a Turkey.

What is the main gateway city of turkey?


Where is Prince Charles main home?


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