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What are the major cities in Lebanon?

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Beirute, Tyr, Sidon, Byblos, Trippoli, Choaifat, Barouk, Batroun, Koura, Nabatiyyeh, Jounieh, and many others...

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Q: What are the major cities in Lebanon?
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What are some cities that begin with the letter T in Lebanon?

Tripoli and Tyre are cities in Lebanon.

What are some major cities in Lebanon?

beirut, hamra, and ashraifieh ur welcome ryanne age 12

What are the Major Mountains of Lebanon?

Lebanon has two major mountain ranges, (1) the Mount Lebanon Range and (2) the Anti-Lebanon Mountains. Mount Lebanon is the tallest mountain in Lebanon.

What is Lebanon the capital of?

There are many cities named Lebanon, but none are the capital of any state, province, or nation. Beirut is the capital of Lebanon (the country).

Where do most people live by in Lebanon?

The cities on the coast

What is the major city of Lebanon?


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according to the last civil record done in Lebanon since 1932, 952 city and village were recorded. Ralph

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What are major trading partners of Lebanon?

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Who founded Lebanon?

lebanon was founded by groups of coustal cities and the phoenicians settled in the aea and the lae itself is about 7,000 years old HAHAHA 0630

What is the zip code for Lebanon?

Lebanon is a country with many cities and therefore many zip codes. You will need to specify a particular city in order to get a proper answer.

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