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In the book, the role of Marius is played by Marius.

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Q: What are the major themes in the book marius of Les Miserables?
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If the soldiers do not retreat what does Marius say he will do in the book Les Miserables?

Marius told them he would blow up the barricade by tossing his torch in a barrel of gun powder.

Why does everybody die at the end of the play Les Miserables?

After the rebellion ends at the barricade, Marius is rescued, restored to health, and marries Cosette. At the end of the story, Valjean dies of age. This happens in both the book and the musical adaptation.

In Les Miserables does marius find out eponine loves him?

In the book, Eponine tells Marius right before she dies, "And you know what Monsieur Marius? I was a little bit in love with you." (or something like that.) And in the musical, she tells him through the song "A Little Fall of Rain."

In the book Les Miserables why does Marius think girls look at him?

Marius thinks girls look at him in this part of the novel because Marius himself is dressed not richly, for lack of better words, not in rich clothing. He thinks the girls look at him because he looks poor. In fact, the girls really look at him because he is handsome and has 'pretty' features. They all admire him, but Marius thinks he looks poor, with his clothing full of holes. Hope this helps. (k)

What is the major theme in Ray Bradbury's book Fahrenheit 451?

the major themes is : Mindlessness of Mass Culture

What are the major themes in the book girl with a pearl earring?

temptation, love and sexuality

What west-end musical is based on a book by Victor Hugo?

Les Misirables

What is the lexile of the book Les Miserables?

Les Miserables (Unabridged): AR Level - 9.8 AR Points - 105.0

What is the theme in The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks themes?

The two major themes of this book is fate and destiny. The photograph plays a major role in the book which helps lead to the theme. However, themes can't be described in one word. So, another theme is The theme of this book is that you shouldn't hold grudges on people, because one day, if they die and you are still alive, you will feel guilty for treating them meanly.

When in the book Les Miserables is Javert's past mentioned?

page 30

Why an author might choose to include each type of conflict in a story?

Because he might what to bring out the major themes in the book

What has the author Marius Schoonmaker written?

Marius Schoonmaker has written: 'The history of Kingston, New York' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Genealogy.