What are the marriage laws of Bulgaria?

Hi there,

I believe that anyone can get married in Bulgaria. The marriage laws should be fairly standard and not dissimilar to that of other European countries.

There should be one man, and one woman to be wed. At this stage homosexual marriage is still illegal in Bulgaria, although the acts are much less frowned on since EU intergration in 2007. (http://www.bulgaria-travel-guide.com/gaybulgaria.html )

All that Bulgaria requires of the citizens is that you must make a statment before a consular officer in from your home country.

This is to erradicate bigamy etc...

You can get this from a notary in Bulgaria or from your home country and it costs about $30 USD.

You will also need to bring the obvious things to get married, such as birth certificate etc.

I believe that after marriage to a Bulgarian citizen for 2 years a foreigners are legally able to stay in Bulgaria independantly.