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- water with salt is H2O plus NaCl

- water without salt is H2O


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If you dissolve salt in water you have not changed the materials chemically.

If you're picky, it's several. But the two main materials are water and salt.

salt hot water, plastic jug ,knife, and string

It is virtually impossible to separate salt and water with a sieve unless the two materials have not been touched. This is because when salt is combined with water, it dissolves, and then it is mixed in with the water. To separate these two materials, you have to let the water evaporate, so then the salt is left.

An observable properties of salt and water as they combine in a mixture is that salt will dissolve in the water. You can see that this combination of the solute salt with water a solvent produces a homogeneous mixture.

All metals, and certain other materials such as carbon and salt water.

Materials like salt and sugar will dissolve in the water and are called soluble as they dissolve completely in the water, where as substances that do not dissolve in water like sand are called insoluble materials.

Surger, salt, hard candy, and a horses Salt Lick will dissolve.

Water and a filter would work. Pour the salt/sand into water and the salt will dissolve. Pour the mixture into a filter and the sand will be trapped in the filter. Evaporate the water and the salt will remain.

Salt Sugar They are both soluble

If it's for science fair you need a control group, experimental group, and independent variable/dependent variable. I'd suggest what is the effect of salt water on.... whatever it is you like! Materials include: graduated cylinder (measure water equally) water beakers whatever the salt water is testing

melting choalate,melting ice ,dissolving salt in water

the use of hygroscopic materials, such as SALT. 1.what is hygroscopic materials? -it is the ability of a substances to attract and hold water molecules from the sourrounding environments.

ice sugar salt and any other materials soluble in water. . .

salt and sugar are common examples, but a lot of things will dissolve in water

- adding water the total mass increase- salt is dissolved in water- sand is not dissolved in water

Vacuoles store materials such as water, salt, proteins, and carbohydrates.

salt, seashells, some water that has been purified, and aquatic animals.

Two graduated beakers. Water and salt. Put a known amount of plain water in one and the same amount of salt water in the second beaker. Then observe which one evaporates faster.

Water can dissolve many materials to create a solution. For example salt dissolves into water. If the water is saturated, or full of salt in simple terms, the salt wont dissolve. ---------------------------------------------- No' water will not dissolve ANY substance. For instance water will not dissolve candle wax. However' water will dissolve SOME substances. For instance water will dissolve sugar or salt.

At first the materials filtered from the blood in the kidneys are: -water -salt -glucose -urea -some amino acids

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