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What are the mating habits of and honey bee?

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A virgin queen leaves her nest or hive when she is about 5 or 6 days old and mates with about 30 drones - all of which die after mating. She never mates again, this first and only mating will last for the rest of her life.

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Can a queen honey bee fly?

No Yes she can and does fly - on a mating flight and when the bees swarm.

How is a honey bee different from a bumble bee?

the honey bee makes honey the bumble bee does not

What are three facts about a bee?

A worker honey bee is able to tell the other bees in its hive the direction and distance of a source of nectar or pollen that it has found (The Waggle Dance). A drone (male) bee dies immediately after mating. A queen honey bee can lay 1000 to 2000 eggs per day.

What is a honey bee?

It is a bug or bee that makes honey.

Habitat of a honey bee?

as busy as a honey bee

Is a honey bee a producer?

a honey bee is a producer because is produces honey

Does the Africanized Honey bee make honey?

Yes. Apart from its temper the africanized honey bee is no different from any other honey bee.

What is the common name of the Killer Bee?

The Africanized honey bee. Euorpean honey bees were breed with African honey bees, creating a hybrid bee known as the Africanized honey bee, or killer bee.

Why do drones die after mating with the queen bee?

When a bee stings, it leaves its stinger on the human and dies. For a drone, the bee leaves its mating organs within the queen bee after mating an Save d dies.

Use in honey-bee in sentence?

I hope that that bee is not an Africanized honey bee.

What class is a honey bee in?

The class of the honey bee is insecta.

When was Honey to the Bee created?

Honey to the Bee was created in 2003.

What is the honey bees common name?

Honey bee IS the common name of the honey bee. The scientific name of the western honey bee is Apis Mellifera.

What is the binomial nomiclature for a honey bee?

Apis mellifera mellifera -- Western/European honey beeApis mellifera cerana -- Oriental honey beeApis mellifera ligustica -- Italian honey beeApis mellifera iberiensis -- Spanish honey beeApis mellifera scutellata -- African honey bee

What is the duration of The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human?

The duration of The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human is 1.47 hours.

Is the honey of honey bee is the excretory material of honey bee?

No. Insect droppings are not that different from mammal faeces. Honey is regurgitated from the bee and made from nectar and pollen. Its function is to feed bee larvae.

What two things that we get from honey bee?

From the honey bee as the name suggests we get honey. From the honey bee we also get our plants, grains, flowers and fruit trees pollinated.

How years can a bee live?

A queen honey bee can live for three to five years. A drone honey bee can live for up to four months. Although it will die after mating, and any drones will be thrown out of the hive at the end of the season and will die. Worker honey bees can live up to six or seven weeks in summer, or up to about four months in winter.

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